Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 14th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 14th Saptember 2020, Sameer asks how Sister can blackmail him like this. Sister replies that if he did not listen to her, he would do what he said.

He asks her to kiss him then only he will do what she asked him to do. He agrees to kiss her.

Kareena asks Rakhi to inform the servants to remove the decorations and says that she is irritated seeing this.

Dadi comes there with Karan and says that she is taking him to the guest room.

Karan tells Rakhi to go with him. Rishabh asks if he won’t invite her either. Karan says that he no longer needs her as he will force her to go to his room.

Daadi says Karan wants to escape Preeta and then force her.

Kareena says that Karan should only stay in the guest room today and he knows the lawyer who can handle the people of the police inspector and NGO, so he need not worry.

Sameer says that Kareena is right as the guest room is safe for Karan.

Karan asks what he is talking about his safety. Sameer says that Karan not going to his room proves that he is a coward and he is afraid of Preeta.

He says that Preeta entered Luthra’s house and already took Karan’s room and asked him to prove that he was the king and not the coward.

Kareena asks Sameer why he is instigating Karan and asks Karan not to listen to Sameer. Sameer says that he is not provoking Karan but he overhears Preeta telling Sister that Karan is timidly running away from his room and making fun of him.

Karan says that he will show her what kind of a person he is and moves towards his room.

Rishabh is released. Kareena scolds Sameer and she runs away to avoid him. Kareena says that Sameer has gone mad.

Rishabh says that there is nothing that Sameer is tense just because of the things that happened in his house. Kritika says that Preeta changed a lot.

Mahira stops Karan and says that now the police inspector is not here so they can talk. He tells her that she is going to her room.

She says that she should not go to her room and the police inspector made her decorate her room. He says that it is not what she thinks, but rather that she is going there to tell Preeta something.

Sameer prides himself and informs Sister that he did this and tells him everything he told Karan and worries about how Preeta will react now.

Sister says that she need not worry as Preeta always fights with Karan because when Karan confronts Preeta she will understand that his plan and Karan will also understand.

Sameer is shocked to hear her and says that he is completely trapped because of her.

Sister says that she can guarantee that Preeta will not fight Karan today instead he will talk sweetly to her and will also apologize on her behalf.

She says that Sarla had already warned Preeta about everything, so she would behave like a wife and she was sure of it.

She thanks him and notices what Sherlyn and Mahira are doing as they try to spoil Karan and Preeta’s fight night.

Mahira says that she did not think that Karan would go to her room like this.

Sherlyn says that she knows Karan, she is going there to prove who owns the Luthra house so nothing will happen.

Mahira says that she cannot trust him and goes towards Karan’s room.

Karan reaches his room and says that Preeta’s plan will not succeed. She does not say anything against him. He is shocked to see her reaction.

She shakes her head for everything she tells him. Mahira gets angry seeing Karan and Preeta’s closeness. He tells Preeta to leave her room, but she closes the room looking at Mahira and Sherlyn outside.

Karan and Mahira are shocked after seeing this.

Preeta fake praises her and is melted upon hearing her. She suddenly hugs him and apologizes to him. What does he apologize for. She thinks that instead of forgiving she is questioning him.

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