Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 15 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 15 January,Sharlene tells Mahira that she has a plan, so that prita will not only stay away from the Luthra family but will leave this world once and forever. Mahira and Sharilyn have both appeared with the truck driver. They say that he is waiting for Preeta to arrive and then escapes her with his vehicle. Will Sherlin and Mahira succeed in killing Preeta? Find out tomorrow.

Grandma is really okay that Karan sends Preeta to the store room to ask her if she’s lying. Preeta tells Karan that she will never lie and assures her that Grandma will be okay soon. Preeta gives a candle to Karan and picks up the medicine box. Preeta tries to leave but Karan stops thanking her. When he calls her, she asks why Prita is running home.

Preeti says she is home for grandma’s treatment and for not meeting him. She asks Preeta why she is such a good person. Karan thinks Preeta is here for him. Preeta refuses to express her feelings for Karan and runs out of the room. Grandma tells everyone that she thinks Preeta is a gem and they abused her for a long time.

Preeta goes back to her room while Karan runs after her. He accidentally steps on her dupatta and sheds tears. Preeta remembers countless times when Karan tore her double. When Prita meets the grandmother, Prita apologizes for how badly the latter treated her. Karan is passionate about this. Hab Shabha takes him out and hugs him. Eta Sasha says that even now Karan knows that Preeta was never wrong.

Mahira crying tells Kareena that Preeta will steal Karan from her. Karina assures that nothing of this sort will happen. Preeta was about to return home when Karan offered to leave her house. He does so and, before taking the plunge, gives her five doubles, which she brought for him even before the sixth marriage.

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