Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 15th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 15th Saptember 2020, Karan says that Preeta is apologizing to him but he can still see the anger in her eyes and he cannot cheat her with his sweet words.

She asks him to look into her eyes and says that there is no anger towards her, just love and respect for her.

He was about to say something, but he put his finger on her lips to stop her from saying anything and asked him to accept it and hugged her suddenly.

She addresses him as ‘Pati Parameswara’ and says that she will spend her life serving him as a servant.

He gets confused hearing her and thinks what she is saying. She says she is like a god to him. He is happy to hear that.

She says that quarrels and misunderstandings between couples are common and they patch up with each other after apologizing, which is why they are apologizing to them.

He asks her to apologize to him for all the wrong surnames given to him and to accept that he is the best. She apologizes to him and says that Karan Luthra is the best.

He was about to leave, but she stops him hugging him again, knowing that Mahira and Sherlyn are waiting outside. He hugs her back and remembers the moments she shared with him.

Sameer sees Mahira and Sherlyn outside Karan’s room and thinks that Sristi was right about them. He turns them aside and asks them to learn etiquette.

When Sherlyn gets angry at her, she was about to call Rishabh, but she stops him out of fear and takes Mahira with her. Mahira curses Sameer.

Sherlyn says that she was inspecting Karan’s room and no one would have treated Sameer the same way.

Mahira tells him not to take the side of Sameer and says that the way Preeta was behaving will successfully trap Karan.

She asks what will happen if Karan forgives Preeta and forgets everything she did. Sherlyn says that Mahira thinks too much, even if Karan forgives Preeta, she will start showing her true colors.

Karan asks if everything that Preeta said was from his heart or he said so. She says that both of her options are wrong because she did not say anything, instead she was teasing him.

He gets closer to her she teases him and tells him not to repeat again and he tells her that he got his rights now he wants his rights and it turns out Mahira’s imagination tries to kiss and gets it is said.

Mahira says that Karan and Preeta live together in that room and what will happen if something happens between them.

Preeta breaks the hag and notices that Mahira and Sherlyn are not. Karan thinks why he is behaving strangely and he asks her to give him water to prove who is the master of the house.

She refuses to listen to his order and says that the water is with her, she can drink it even without his help. He says that he has just chanted that he will be his servant and everyone has already shown him his true color.

She says that at that time she was in the role of her servant but now she is not in the mood to play that role. He tells her to leave her room, saying that only her servant can stay with her in her room.

She says that he is no king and she is not his servant and asks him to leave the room. She tells him not to even think to throw her out of the room because she has equal rights in her bed and room. And they argue with each other about who will sleep where.

Sameer tells Sister what he did to Mahira and Sherlyn while they were eavesdropping.

Srisi praises him. Karan goes to his balcony to sleep there and says that Preeta cannot throw her out of her room.

She realizes that Preeta is sleeping in the bed and she is outside her room, so she says that she did not throw it out, but she came here to sleep herself.

Preeta goes to close the window and tells her that it is going to rain so that she can come in after apologizing to him.

He refuses to apologize to her and says that he wants to see her body hence giving it a chance. She gets irritated after listening to him and leaves after closing the window.

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