Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 16th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 16th Saptember 2020, Preeta wonders how Karan can even think that she is calling him inside to see his body and can only say that she can think so.

She says she called him because the mosquitoes were biting her but she misunderstood him as usual but was not harmed.

She closed the window. Now she can sleep peacefully.

Karan says that Preeta has so much attitude and how dare she give him one last chance to come in, she will do what she wants to do because it is her room and her house.

Preeta notices that it has started raining and she still does not knock the window and is getting wet in the rain due to her attitude.

He thinks that he is getting wet here and he does not even care to open the window and assumes that she will not open the window.

She becomes worried for him and is about to open the window, but stops realizing that she is waiting for him to open the window on his own so that he can show the attitude later and until she can do it Till then, she decides not to open the window. He stands near the window and looking at it, he opens the window.

Mahira says that all the bad things that happen to her and insult her go to talk to her in Sameer’s room.

She sees him sleeping in his room and thinks towards Karan’s room that no one can stop him now.

Preeta takes Karan in, saying that she is not a child that she is treating him like that.

She goes to close the windows and seeing him struggling, Karan goes to help her. They close the window together but they claim that they alone closed the window.

She says they closed the window together and asked why he came to her when she didn’t call him.

He says that he went to her to help her. She says that she was closing the window and she would have done it without her help.

Mahira gets irritated looking at the closed window and thinks what is the need of privacy between them.

Preeta says that Karan understands very well what she is saying but he acts like he did not ask her to change the shirt.

She says she wants to see his body, which is why she is repeatedly asking him to remove the shirt.

Mahira listens to his words. Preeta says that she did not think of anything like this and her hobby is misunderstanding her.

Mahira leaves from there weeping. He starts sneezing and she says why she wasn’t asking him to take off the shirt because she was interested in him.

He asks why she is not interested when the girls are dying to see her body. He tells her to turn around when he will change the shirt.

She agrees to close her eyes. He sees that he is affecting her and moves closer to her and teases her.

Preeta complains about the bed saying that it is too uncomfortable for her to sleep.

Karan is shocked to hear her and says that her bed is the best bed in the world. She says that this is another misconception of her and the personality of this bed is as dark and dark as her personality.

She walks to the couch stating that she cannot sleep in bed. She tells him not to turn off the light.

Preeta realizes that Karan is unable to sleep due to fever and she takes care of him.

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