Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 17 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 17 August 2020, Karan tells Mahesh that he thought Mahesh would talk to him soon and stay with him on his special day. He says he hates Preeta so much but he won’t let her hurt his family. He says that after marriage, Preeta will be a stranger. Preeta said that Mahira may even think that you are going to let her marry Karan. She says that till now Mahira was living in Luthra’s house using her and Karan’s fight. She says that if Mahira had been Karan’s true friend, she would not have tried to harm her family.

Preeti said that after marriage she and Karan connected in their hearts and they became stronger. Mahira said that Preeta’s lecture would not affect her. She says that Karan hates Preeta, now he will not love her. She said that even if Preeta died, no one in the Luthra family would cry for her.

Karan says that he thinks he is very happy but tears keep coming and he asks why this is happening to him. He gets Preeta’s ear and she stares. Christy and Sameer see him from the outside room. Christie asks Sameer why the pills don’t work. Sameer says the pill will take at least 30 minutes to work. Karan angrily throws in the ear. Christie and Sameer were shocked to see this.

Ishab says that Sherlyn lied to her family that she talked to her but that never happened. He says he already knew he was going to be kidnapped, so he lied to his family. She says I don’t know if she did anything without telling everyone when everyone asked her about it. He yells at her and tells her not to lie to him. She claims to be his wife, if she has rights over her property then why would she kidnap him for no reason.

He asks her to show him the knife used to cut the apples. She remembers how she gave him a knife to protect the earth and he is blabbering on now. He says he never says anything without confirmation. He says that he is not shouting at the girls but she keeps doing things against Preeta and giving him reasons. She says he blames her when she doesn’t do anything like that. She said their problem is Preeta. He says she planned to kidnap him and put the blame on him.

Mahira said she doesn’t have time to listen to Preeta’s silly talk. She was going to tell him it was getting late for the wedding. Preeta said that she knew that Mahira had planned to kill Mahesh. She says she also knows that Sherlyn had kidnapped Habshabh and Mahira is her partner and was planning to kill Mahesh after the marriage. She says that once she understands everything, she will not remain silent and stop the marriage. Mahira asks what Preeta can do.

Preeti said that she should save her husband from Mahira, just like Savitri saved her husband from Yamaraj. She says that if Mahira thinks that Luthra didn’t listen to her, it’s not a problem because the police will listen to her so she will call them even though she is Karan’s legal wife. She says she will tell them everything and they will stop the marriage. Mahira was shocked to hear her.

Sherlyn says everyone suspected Preeta of being abducted but here he is blaming her as usual. She says that Preeta is not innocent, as he thinks of her, if that is true then now Preeta is in Mahira’s place. She says he blindly trusts Preeta but never trusts her. She swears to Sanjana and says she didn’t kidnap him and thinks she knows how to handle these emotional fools.

Mahira thinks about how to stop Preeta from going out. Preeta says no one can stop her and he was about to open the door but Mahira hit her with a vase from behind. Mahira says she killed Preeta before she could do anything to stop the marriage.

Preeta also killed Mahira who lost consciousness. Kareena asks Rishabh to bring Karan and they are talking about his and Charlene’s fight after marriage. Ishab tells Kritika that Sherlyn keeps changing him and he doesn’t like it. He tells her not to misunderstand like Kareena. She says she trusts him. He feels that Sherlyn is wrong and has a gut feeling that he decides to end his relationship with her after Karan’s marriage.

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