Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 17 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 17 January 2020, Sherlin makes a statement before police that Preeta is responsible for Mahira’s injuries. Sherlyn testifies that she is the only eye witness to the incident. She asserted that she was standing there and that Preeta intentionally pushed Mahira in front of the truck.

Preeta is lost in her thoughts while walking down the street. She laughs at herself, thinking of the joyous moments she shared with Karan. Sherlyn and Mahira are in the car, watching Preeta. Mahira was upset to see Preeta’s happy face. She tells Sherlyn that Preeta is happy because she is thinking about herself and Karan. Sharlene informs Goo that Preeta is wearing a pink suit and asks to be ready. Preeta was hit by a truck driver when she stepped on the pavement and approached a young boy.

Sherlyn tells the goons to try to attack Preeta again by making another attempt. Gund says the problem is that Preeta is on the floor, that if someone pushes her on the main road, he can kill her. Sharilyn asks Mahira to push Preeta. Preeta is busy buying candy floss for a kid. Sherlyn plans to record a video of Mahira’s beating, so that she can blackmail Mahira in the future. Mahira takes her role behind Preeta. To create the video, Sherlin got out of the car, hit Mahira in front of the truck and killed her.

Creation spotted Preeta on the side of the road and waves waves at her. The truck driver and the bully hit Preeta. The master pushed Prita, but Priti ran across the road to save time. Creation pushed Prita to the side of the road. However, as Preeta suddenly turned around, she hit Mahira. Mahira’s ankle broke and she was hit by a truck and then hit the pavement.

Kareena tries to help her mother, but Karan tells her she is not a doctor. Karina Bhu tells Karan that the physiotherapists are not doctors. Karan defends Preeta and tells Kareena Bhui that the physiotherapists are actually doctors, because they know which nerve to press to relieve the pain. Home help tells Rakhi that she was happy yesterday with Karan when he returned home after leaving Prita at her house. Rakhi is happy to hear this and thinks to herself, which is why she calls Preeta her lucky charm. She visited Luthra’s house yesterday and since then everyone has been smiling.

Karan was upset when Hab Shabha found out that he had to go to Canada to work. Karan told the habshob that he would drop him at the airport. Meanwhile, Preeta checks Mahira’s pulse and instructs them to take her to the hospital as soon as possible. Krishi said they should catch the truck driver who hit Mahira. But the driver and the mob fled the scene. Sherlin said they should take Mahira to her car’s hospital. Sirla was upset and worried that Mahira would try to hurt Preeta. She tells Janaki and Grandma that Mahira wants to marry Karan and will do anything to get Preeta out of the way. Sarla prays to God and hopes that Mahira and Kareena don’t go out with Bhuta in any way.

Preeta enters Mahira in the ICU. Sherlyn begins to panic, thinking that Mahira’s door will confirm her re-entry into Preeta’s Lutra House. Creation watches Sherlin and thinks about why she’s watching Preeta. Sherlyn wonders how lucky Prita is and has managed to escape death. Creation thinks what would have happened if she had not pushed Preeta and saved her life. The grandmother asks Kareena Bhui why Prita has not yet come to Luthra’s house. Meanwhile, the door bell rang and Rakhi ran to open the door. But it’s not Preeta, but Ramona, Mahira’s mother, who returns from the purchase.

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