Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 18 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 18 February 2020, There is talk that Rakhi is still abducted by Mahir. She has told everyone that who abducted Mahir wanted to prevent her from reaching court and saving Preeta. Rakhi said that this was clear evidence that Preeta was not involved in Mahira’s abduction as it would not help her in any way. Rakhi wonders who Pita is the enemy.

Karan takes the car because he doesn’t want to lose the truck driver. When Preeta got into the car, she was surprised to find it was full of flowers and balloons. She asks Karan if he has brought it all for her and he says yes. Karan also mentioned that he bought the flowers because the flower seller needed money.

Preeta asks Karan if she can buy all the flowers for any other girl. Karan says he will buy flowers but he will not give them to any other girl. Krishna is chasing Karan, but the auto space he is in has broken. The creature decides to call Sammy for help but he doesn’t answer her call. Sammy is upset with both Sarla and Krishti for insulting Karan. With Shabh explains why Preeta’s family is upset with Karan.

On the way, Preeta and Karan argue and Prita refuses to drive without apologizing. Karan realizes that his time is wasted and does not matter, he apologizes for delaying Preeta. Mahira asks Sherlyn to tell her son’s secret father. Sherlyn refuses to tell Mahira but promises to save her from Luthor.

Rakhi assured Mahira that her captors would be captured. Karan and Preeta arrive at Dhaba, where Karan plans to take a selfie with all the truck drivers to find the criminal truck driver there. Karan clicks the photo with the crime truck driver and shows it to Preeta. The crime truck driver takes Karan back to the car and sees him with Prita.

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