Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 19 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 19 August 2020, Sameer sent a message to Shrishti, asking what was going on. Srishti responds, she has nothing. J. Sameer wonders what Mr. J means. Pandit was asking Karan and Mahira to hold hands. Preeta thinks she has no worries, Karan neither recognizes the sanctity of her heart nor her soul. He didn’t recognize his hands either. Everyone in the family forces Mahira to hold hands. Sherlyn thinks that if Mahira is too drunk.

Karan holds Preeta’s hand. He feels a familiarity with the grip. Karan proceeds to remove the veil, but is dizzy. Everyone was worried. Srishti was happy that her plan was working.

She decides to give the tablet again, or else Karan might not be tired. She sends a message to Sameer. Between Sameer and Shrishti, Kritika reported cooking something. Sherlyn brought lime water for Karan. Preeta is again under stress, as Mahira’s mother forces her to remove the veil and drink lime water.

In the room, Srishti asks Sameer for another bullet that he gave to Karan. They cannot threaten Karan again and marry Mahira to him. Sameer was left with the last bullet. Shrishti decides that Sameer will give Karan the next tablet.

Sherlyn requests Mahira’s mother to remove the veil. They should let the traditions run. Sherlyn and Mahira’s mother later stood together. She was angry that her daughter Mahira Khanna had a veil. Outside, the media saw some glimpses of her bride form.

Sherlyn says that the reality is that her daughter is an alcoholic. His mouth and clothes smell. Mahira’s mother was now apologetic.The ritual of Varmala had started. Preeta cries silently, thinking about these rituals during the first marriage. The couple was seated again. Rakhi comes for the alliance.

Sherlyn said that this family would soon become a puppet of her hand. She will decide the fate and track of each character. This Mahesh Luthra went against him, and here he is almost dead. He looks around for Sameer and Shrishti. They should cook something with Preeta. She walks in to keep an eye on them.
In the room, Mahira gets up on the floor. She comes to her senses.

Shrishti tells Sameer that no one will force her to drink juice. Sameer says that he is paying so much attention to Mahira that he forgot where Preeta is.

Srishti says that she has to cry somewhere in a corner; She just pretends that she is strong but she really is not. She asks Sameer why he is helping her, she must have helped Karan. She gets emotional that Samir who helped her and trusts her to be able to do something meaningful. Sameer reveals that he wants to be on the right, and that Srishti is right now. The day Karan realizes his mistake, he will surely apologize to Preeta. Sherlyn approaches them. Sameer runs away.

Sherlyn taunts that Sheerati should go to the roof to find Preeta, what if she is taking her own life. Srishti was angry. Sherlyn claims that she defeated all her plans when she planned to stop her marriage to Rishabh. She nevertheless married Rishabh. And now, they want to stop Karan’s marriage but all attack. Shrishti says that she has not played her card yet. Sherlyn should pick up some popcorn herself and watch the show.

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