Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 19 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 19 February 2020, Preeta tells the truck driver that she is going to jail tomorrow. She says now she’s not afraid to kill him. Karan threatens to release her or she will hit him. The truck driver appears to talk to Sherlin who asks for proof that Preeta has died. The truck driver then tried to kill Karan.

The truck driver approached Karan on the car and saw Prita inside. He escaped and got into his friend’s truck. As Karan and Preeta chase after them, they escape. Karan gets back to his car and decides to get in the back of their truck. Rakhi convinces Sherlyn that they will do whatever it takes to find out who tried to kidnap Mahira.

Rakhi said the person behind the abduction was against Preeta. She promises to defeat every enemy of Preeta. Mahira wants to know why Preeta was ready to save her from the trouble of getting to court. Mahira said that she did this because Karan believes that Preeta is innocent. Rakhi is convinced that Mahira is also not an enemy of Preeta and she tries to explain to Siri.

Karan and Preeta go to the garage behind the truck where the truck drivers are hiding. One of the truck drivers switched off the lights and the other two trapped Preet and Karan in a blanket. Creation meets and stops Sammy by driving in front of her. She asks her to help Preeta and the truck driver follow. She is sure that Preeta and Karan should get in trouble.

Sarla refuses to trust Rakhi, saying that Karan wants to help Preeta. Karan and Mahira both want to hurt Preeta. Mahira and Sharilyn are enjoying Preeta’s arrest in her room. Mahira is convinced that Preeta will be in jail for a long time. Kritika becomes suspicious after seeing Mahira hugging Sherlyn.

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