Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 2 January, Preeta finally admits that she and Karan are written in each other’s horoscope. She decides to talk to Mahira and convinces her not to marry Karan. However, Mahira is upset and tells Preeta that she has made herself a joke. Karan tells Preeta to stay close. He tells her that she needs him and wants him to take care of everything you want. Sherlyn tries to ridicule the creature, but instead the creature threatens to expose her and abandons her.

There is a dispute between creation and mastery. Krishna tells Mahir that if she told the world that Karan’s mehndi was first put on her sister Prita’s hand, everyone would bless Karan and Pita. Karan went on to say that Karan and Preeta are made for each other. Karan tells Prita that mehndi has now been applied to Prita’s hand and it cannot be rubbed. Karan asserts that mehndi in Preeta’s hands does not mean that he loves her or that they have some connection. He says it doesn’t change anything. Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 2 January

Preeta confessed before creation that she was with Karan and that is what he made for her. Preeta agrees to stop Karan and Mahir’s wedding. She decides to confront Mahira. On the other hand, he tried to convince Karan that he and Kriti should not proceed in marriage. Hab tells Shaban that his mehndi has fallen into love for a reason and he should reconsider his decision.

Sherlyn walks to Crete and asks her where Preeta is hiding. Creation has avenged and blackmailed Charlene to keep her close, or she will tell the truth about her pregnancy to everyone. The creature further threatens Charlene that if she tries to do anything for Preeta and her family, she will let the whole world know that she is not a baby of the hab sheb, but of someone else. Then Creation tells Mahira to go to the terrace to meet Preeta.

Preeta meets Mahira on the mattress. Preeta tells Mahira to cancel the wedding because she is the bride of Karan and for that reason Mehndi fell on her hands before Mahir applied it. Mahira shouted to Preeta and wiped the mehndi from her hand. But Preeta tells Mahira that Karan is already married to her and thus no girl should have an affair with a married man. Mahita was too angry to hear what Preeta had to say and asks her to shut up. Preeta tells Mahira that she and Karan are made for each other.

Meanwhile, Prithvi Kumkum arrives in the fate hall. And Shahab asks him what he is doing in the mehndi function of Karan and Mahira. The earth tells him that he has come in search of love.

Karan looks for Preeta and yells at her as she is away from him. Karan tells Preeta to stay close. The restless Preeta tells Karan that the two should not come close to each other. He tells her that she needs him and that he needs her. Preeta is wrong about how she can tell why Karan can’t get close to her.

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