Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 20 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 20 August 2020, Sanjana says that she too is happy like Kareena as it is finally getting married. Kareena says that Mahira is her choice, she always wanted him as a daughter-in-law, but she is just afraid of Preeta that if she tries to do something to stop the marriage.

She says that they cannot agree, but it is true that Preeta and Karan’s marriage is valid, so if she wishes that she can stop this marriage then she wants this marriage to happen soon.

Sameer was about to give Karan a glass of juice but Dadi stopped him. Shrishaty comes there and sees a glass of juice on Sameer’s hand. Dadi asks Sameer why he is bothering Karan.

Sameer says that Karan was feeling suffocated, he also needs energy as to why he is giving him juice. Dadi says Sameer is right, he will give juice to Karan.

Shrishaty was about to go to Sameer but the journeys fall further down. She sees Preeta’s face who was already watching her. Rishabh helps her stand up and asks if she is alright.

Shrishaty says he is fine. Preeta gets upset after listening to him. Shrishaty thinks that earlier she wanted to stop this marriage because Karan was marrying Mahira, but now Preeta and Karan are married so she does not want to stop this marriage and thinks how to give grandmother a cup of Karan juice To be stopped

Sherlyn comes to Mahira’s room after hearing some voice and talks to Prithvi on the call. Prithvi says that he reached her home safely and asks about Karan and Mahira’s marriage.

Sherlyn says that Karan and Mahira are performing the ritual. Mahira listens to him and thinks that he is here then who is marrying Karan. Shrishaty pushed Sameer towards the beard and a glass of juice fell from his hand. She says that it happened by mistake and she does not want to interrupt the marriage and asks them to continue.

Ramona taunts Shrishaty. Rishabh takes Shrishaty aside and asks if he is alright. Shrishaty says that she is fine and sits near the priest. She thinks that last time also she wanted Preeta to marry Karan but she did not know that it was Karan who was marrying Preeta but this time she knows that Preeta is marrying Karan and she has someone Did not even let this marriage stop. She becomes happy thinking that Preeta finally realizes her love for Karan and marries him.

Shrishaty suspects Shrishaty of his reactions and wonders why she is so calm and even smiling. Shrishaty notices a scratch on Preeta’s hand and realizes that Mahira is missing.

She decides to make sure that Mahira does not come down until they get married. She goes in, Sameer was about to follow her but Kareena stops her saying that she is going to find Preeta, so she doesn’t need to chase him.

Prithvi says that once Karan is married to Mahira, before she stops Sherlyn and jokingly says that she will get a chance to revolve around Preeta.

Sherlyn says that Preeta is so lucky that she never loses, so she thinks of killing her. Prithvi shouts at her and does not think so and cuts the call.

Sherlyn angrily blocks her number. Mahira tries to get Sherlyn’s attention from behind and Sisti sees him. Preeta thinks that her marriage is always awkward and wonders if they are actually made for each other. The priest tells the bride and groom to stand for the pheasant.

Sherlyn talks with Preeta from Sherlyn’s room. Sherlyn listens to him and thinks what Preeta is doing to her room and goes to her room. Mahira comes out of her room, Shrishaty knocks her with a vase and faints again.

Karan and Preeta start the pheasant. Preeta thinks what will happen after the wedding is over. Shrishaty beats Mahira unconscious inside her room and carries her with him.

Sherlyn reaches her room and discovers Preeta. Grandma comes there to wash her hand, seeing Sherlyn there, she asks what she is doing here when she is getting married. Sherlyn says that she heard from Shrishaty that Preeta is in her room and that something bad is going to happen.

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