Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 20 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 20 February 2020, Karan tells everyone to get to the police station. He added that they would accompany the unconscious truck driver as well. Sharlene tells Mahira that she’s afraid the truck driver will reveal the truth and that her entire plan will be revealed. She fears that Luthras will throw her out of the house. Mahira fears her truth will be revealed to Sherlyn, and she tells Habbha to stop Karan. However, says Karan is doing the right thing.

Karan and Preeta arrested by truck driver They try to tie them but they have only one rope. They decide to tie Karan and Preeta with the same rope. Creation and Sammy try to follow the path to find where Karan and Preeta have gone. They realized that Rihab and Karan and Preeta were there in Dhaba.

The Dhaba owner informed them that both Preeta and Karan were there and they followed a truck driver and left. Creation also realized that the truck they were pursuing had their own garage on the road. The truck driver hears yelling, Preeta and Karan arguing with each other and shaking their mouths.

The main truck driver sends photos of Sherlyn, Preeta and Karan. If Sherlin kills Preeta, she offers him double the promise. Sherlyn warns him not to hurt Karan. The police inspector arrived at the station and realized that Preeta was not there. He calls the female constable and tells him that Prita is with her.

The kidnappers try to flee Preeta but Karan frees himself. He attacks the truck drivers and drives them away from Preeta. Creation and Sammy also arrive from time to time to help Karan and Preeta. Manage to uncover the main truck driver.

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