Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 21 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 21 August 2020, Karan and Preeta complete the rounds. The priest asks them to sit for the next ritual. Sameer thinks where Sister went. Mahira regains consciousness and sees Sisti looking at her, she takes the vase and kills him and tries to get away from there but Sister holds him and says that he did not stop Preeta’s marriage.

The priest asks to tie the mangalsutra on the groom’s neck. Karan tied the mangalsutra. Mahira hits Sisteri again and says that no one can stop her today and leaves Sister after locking her inside the room. Sister asks her to open the door and messages Sameer that Mahira has locked her in the room.

The priest tells Karan to put sindoor on the bride’s forehead. Sameer read Srisi’s message and went from there. Karan puts vermilion on Preeta’s forehead and cries. Sameer opens the door and Sister comes out. Priest says that the marriage rituals are going to be completed from now on and they are husband and wife.

Mahira reaches there and makes a noise. Everyone gets confused seeing Mahira. Sister listens to Mahira’s screaming and finds out that Karan and Preeta have got married, goes down happily. Kareena says who married Karan if Mahira is here. Mahira says that she does not accept this marriage and starts throwing everything away. She says that it was her wedding, she was the bride.

Karan removes the bride’s veil and everyone is shocked to see Preeta as the bride. Mahira tells Karan that Preeta kills her unconscious by hitting her with a vase and she cannot leave him. He takes a vase and throws it towards Preeta, the same Karan hugs Preeta tightly and the vase hits him (Sajda song starts ringing in the background).

Sherlyn asks Karan if he knew he was getting married to Preeta. Dadi says she hates him, how does she know. Ramona scolds Preeta.

Sanjana says that she had already warned him about Preeta. Rishabh feels that Karan does not know that he was marrying Preeta, but now he knows and thinks why he is still silent. Karan says that he knows it was Preeta behind the veil, he says when everyone asked who was behind the veil who knew at the time that she was Preeta behind the veil.

Mahira says Preeta hides her and takes her place and says that it is a hoax. Karan says that Preeta is a cheater and Mahira was right that she wanted to stop her and Mahira’s marriage. He says that everyone trusted him but Preeta always betrayed him.

She says Rakhi thinks she is good luck but she is unfortunate of Luthra. Preeta tries to say something but Karan shouts at her, saying that no one believes in her and her acting and tells her to shut up. Dadi says that they already know about her. Kareena, Ramona and Sherlyn start blaming Preeta. Kareena taunts Rakhi to believe in Preeta and asks her to say something.

Preeta says that she only remarried her husband and asks what he did wrong. Karan says that she is not her husband. Preeta remembers Sherlyn’s plan and thinks she did not want to hurt anyone. Sister says Preeta shouldn’t cry because she did nothing wrong.

She tells Karan that Preeta is his wife. Karan says that she did not marry him because he cheated on her. Sister asks what he did to Preeta in Kumkum Bhagya Hall. She says that earlier they got married in front of Arora and today they got married in front of Luthra, so both the families saw their marriage and now Preeta’s insult is an insult to his wife.

Mahira tells Sisti to shut up and asks Priest to tell everyone that the marriage is invalid. She says that Mahesh is in this condition due to Preeta and he also kidnapped Rishabh. Rishabh says that Mahira accuses Preeta. Karan says that this is his life and asks Rishabh not to interfere.

Rishabh says that it is Karan’s life as to why he is interfering. Karan says that Rishabh is fighting with her now because of Preeta and hurts her by holding her hand tightly. Rishabh tells Karan to leave Preeta, when he leaves Lisa…

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