Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 21 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 21 January 2020, Preeta called on Karan and told her that she was innocent. She hopes that Karan will find out that Creation is telling the truth and will get her out of jail. Karan is still in the hospital near Mahira’s bedside. He sees that the Creator has called him many times and he is confused. Mahira said that maybe Preeti would call Kariti for help with love.

The master told Karan that Preeta tried to kill her. She says that Preeta doesn’t want to ruin her marriage to Karan. Although Karan broke the marriage, she lied about Preeta’s entry, saying that she would not give up her stomach. Rakhi refuses to believe that love can do anything, Karan says.

Creation is still with Preeta when Sarla enters the police station. She goes to Preeta’s cell and tells her to stop crying. Sarla says she knows Preeta is innocent and promises to do whatever she wants to do to get her out of jail. The master asks Rakhi to tell her that she thinks Prita is a criminal. Rakhi does not trust Mahira’s version of Preeta.

Karan feels that Preeta should not deal with her master. He feels that everything is going well and now Prita has blew it again. Rakhi shouted that she was worried about Preeta. She does not believe the police can arrest her if she does not get proper evidence. Mahira was upset that Rakhi didn’t believe her. She scolds Charlene and tells her to keep her advice to herself.

Sherlin decides to spoil Mahira’s plan to talk rude to her. She knows that Preeta will get her out of jail when she returns from Delhi on earth. The police tell Sarla to stop their troubles and ask Lutra to withdraw her complaint. Sarla tells Preeta that she will go to Luthra and ask her permission.

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