Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 22 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 22 February 2020, The shrishati calls the hab six and asks if there is something wrong with the video given by Charlene. Rish sixth does not respond to the first creation. Someone told them that Preeta Luthra was in the house. The hab was shocked to hear that someone had called the police and informed them about Preeta.

Karan refused to leave the room until the truck awoke the driver. Rakhi and hab tell Shaban that everyone will keep an eye on the truck driver and will not allow him to run away. Sherlin tells Mahira that she was the one who tried to kill Preeta and now they will both get in trouble. Mahira panicked but Sherlyn revealed that she was just trying to test her. Krishi calls Sammy and tells Karan to warn him that the police are searching for Preeta. While Karan is in the bedroom, Preeta is trying to drug her wounds. Karan and Preeta fight on the pillow there, lying on the bed. Mahira sees that Karan and Preeta are lying on the bed, taking each other’s pillow wings.

Police go to Preeta’s house to ask Prita’s family. Creation tells them that Shesha knows nothing about Preeta. Police can’t find Preeta in the house. Sarla is convinced that Creation knows something that she is hiding from everyone. Mahira goes to Sharlene crying and says she is going to make sure no one finds out the truth. Sammy warns Karan that the police are searching for Preeta everywhere. Karan is joined by the truck driver waiting for the truck to wake up. Mahira calls the police, setting her mother and Sharlene aside. She informed them that the escaped convict Preeta Luthra was hiding in the house.

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