Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 22 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 22 January 2020, Sarla tells Luthorus that even if they refuse to help her, she will get Preeta out of jail. Kareena and Ramona call Karan. They tell him that Sirla was threatening to release Prita from jail. She told Karan that they refused to listen to Preeta’s words and insulted her before saying goodbye to her. Karan is sitting next to Mahira and he tells Kareena that she did the right thing.

Ramona went down as her blood pressure dropped. Rakhi and Kareena decide to take her home for treatment. They tell Karan to wait till the mahira is cured. Preeta called on Karan and asked him to come to his house to ask for help. She hopes that Karen realizes she is innocent and will convince everyone else.

When Krishna tries to call Karan, he does not answer her call. He talks to her in Mahira’s room. Mahira tells Karan that Preeta will go to any extent to stop their marriage. Karan vows to stay with the master and not take sides with Preeta. Karan was disconnected when the creator called. Janaki tells creation that Karan doesn’t want to help them. Krishna lied to Preeta, saying that Karan was ready to help them.

Preeta hopes that Karan will ease things up and impress Sarla too. Sir is confused as the master deliberately injures himself as he hurts himself. Janaki decides to leave Preeta at Lutra’s house with Sara. In Luthor’s house, Kareena reprimands Rakhi for supporting Preeta instead of Mahir.

When Sirla rings the bell, Mahira’s mother Ramona opens the door for her. Sarita tries to convince Rakhi that Preeta is innocent. Sharlene said she saw Preeta trying to kill Mahira, but Saralla refused to believe him. Kareena goes in and tells Rakhi to stop listening to Sarla.

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