Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 22th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 22th Saptember 2020, Girish says, Karan was cold, that’s why Preeta refuses to give him any cool drink.

Karan agrees that he had a cold but now he is completely fine after taking the medicine.

Rakhi gets worried after listening to her and asks why he did not tell her about her illness. She tells Girish not to give Karan any cold drinks.

She says that Karan will not listen to Preeta, which is why he is refusing her to drink any cool drink.

She asks Kritika about the preparations for the reception. Karan is shocked to hear her and says that they were just discussing the reception, then when did they finalize it.

Rakhi says that she used to attend a lot of weddings and receptions and what would they think if she does not hold a reception for her son. Karan asks why she is doing something for others.

Dadi says that she is right, but she has some responsibilities towards the society, so this welcome is needed.

Karan leaves angrily from there. Rakhi shouts at her and asks her to take a dress for the reception.

Preeta goes to the guest room to get her luggage and says that Karan must have kept his luggage there.

Mahira gives Preeta a life-threatening look and is about to follow her but Sherlyn stops her.

Mahira warns him not to get in her way and lets her do what she wants to do because she is not going to gain anything by listening to him and leaves from there.

Sherlyn feels that Mahira has gone mad. Karan reaches his room and says that everyone hates Preeta, then why are they doing a reception for her and she realizes that everything is happening because of her sweet dish.

He says that Rishabh also seems to change his family nowadays for Preeta. Preeta brings her luggage there.

Seeing him he asks what he mixed in his sweet dish as his family hates him but still planning a reception for him. He says that everyone is on his side except him because he did not taste her sweet dish.

She says that she has mixed love in her sweet dish and their family knows how to handle their responsibilities, so they are arranging the reception, not everyone is like them.

Preeta was about to open the wardrobe to put on her clothes but Karan stopped her by saying that she could not touch her wardrobe.

She says that she will bring a new wardrobe for him and replace him with his mirror or anything else. He says he won’t let her do it either.

She throws her boxing items from the cupboard and decides to keep her clothes there. He threw his clothes out.

On seeing Rakhi, both of them complain to each other about her. He says that if Preeta does not stop he will make her cry.

She asks when he came to Luthra’s house when he cried because of her. She says that she cannot keep her clothes in her wardrobe and says in front of Rakhi, she is talking politely but before that she was claiming her rights in everything.

Rakhi allows Preeta to take off her clothes and from there. Preeta thanked her. Karan is shocked to hear that.

Sherlyn nowadays considers every plan to be a failure and is not getting what she wants now. She calls Prithvi to learn about his situation.

He asks her to tell him to get Preeta out of Luthra’s house. She tells him that Preeta has now become Luthra’s daughter-in-law and she cannot do anything.

He asks how Luthra accepted him. She says no one accepted her, but everything happened because of police pressure.

She shouts at him, saying that she is just worthless. She gets angry hearing him and says that she can no longer get Preeta as she is now Preeta Karan Luthra and cuts off the call. She realizes what he said and gets irritated.

She says that she is losing her mind due to Mahira and Prithvi. Rakhi tells her to handle all the rituals.

Sherlyn says she doesn’t want to do anything, but what will she do for him.

Rakhi calls Sarla and calls Arora to welcome Preeta.

Sarla informs Sister and asks him to get ready for the reception.

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