Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 23 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 23 January 2020, Kareena and Ramona call Karan who is still in Mahira’s hospital. They tell him that Sirla was threatening to release him. Karan says he made a good decision not to listen to Sarla. Hab goes to the police station and tells Arora’s family that despite the problems, they are not enemies. He withdraws the complaint and promises to release Prita.

Sarla arrives at Luthra’s house, asking Prita to help her get out of jail. Rakhi tells everyone that Sara is right and decides to help her. Mahira’s mother, Ramona, asks Rakhi if she doesn’t trust Mahira. She says that Preeta put Mahira in the hospital and still wants to save her. Kareena tells Rakhi to go to her room and leaves them to deal with Sara.

When Rakhi is taken, Sara tries to talk to her grandmother but she refuses to listen to Sara. Rakhi is demanding withdrawal to help Sarla. Sherlyn and Kareena lock Rakhi in her room to not let her out. Ramona tells Sarla to leave because she won’t leave Preeta. Sherlyn and Karina try to calm Sarla and drive her out of the house.

Sammy does a big business in the office and decides to let Creation know about it. When he called her, Sammy saw Creation crying and asked what had happened. He finds out that Prita is in jail trying to kill Mahira. Krishna says that Karan is consciously ignoring her call. Sammy says that Karan has to be busy and promises to try and promise Preeta.

Sammy congratulates Sam on closing the big deal. Sammy tells Habib Shahab that Preeti is in jail and is not reachable to Karan, he says, already saying that he is already at the airport and decides to take the first flight back home. Janaki arrives at Luthra’s house and takes her to Sara because no one in the area will help her.

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