Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 24 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 24 January 2020, Karan goes to the police station and finds out that Preeta has been released. The police inspector tells Karan and hab Shankh arrives at the police station and leaves Preeti. Karan was shocked to hear that Hab Shash had already saved Preeta. Isabha goes home and defends her action. He says that he would never believe Preeta tried to kill Mahira, so he got her out of jail. Kareena is against the decision of the sixth.

Preeta asked the creator why Karan Sir couldn’t come along. Creation cries out and Prita starts to doubt anything. She asked Crete if Karan didn’t answer her call. In the past, Creation apologized for lying in love. Shortly afterwards, Sarla arrives at the police station and tells Preeta that Luthor refused to help her.

Sherlyn, Kareena and Ramona all go to the room where Rakhi is locked. They scold Rakhi for betraying them and defending Preeta. Rakhi refuses to answer any of their allegations. She says that if Mahesh had not been in a coma, he would not have dared to treat her like this. Kareena then called on Karan to try to threaten to release Preeta, but they refused.

Karan says Karina did the right thing and the call was disconnected. He refuses to answer the call of the hab shabh and sits near Mahir. Hab goes to the police station and visits Preeta and her family. Pre Shabha says that he has his own family to Preeta’s family. He promises to take the complaint back and put Prita out of jail.

Sherlyn is excited that Preeta is in jail and both Ishab and Prithvi are not available to help her. Eta Shab’s lawyer filed with Preeta’s bail appeal. He disclosed that he was Sharlene’s husband, who complained to police and mentioned that he had the right to withdraw. He leaves Preeta and withdraws her complaint.

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