Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 25 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 25 August 2020, Kareena scolds Preeta for entering Mahesh’s room and kicks her out. Mahira says that Sherlyn is trying to kill her because her plan flopped today.

Sharlene says that Mahira never understood her and says that she had to do this drama so that others would know about Mahira’s value. She says that if Mahira wants to throw Preeta out of the house and she wants to stay in Luthra’s house as Karan’s wife, she has to do this drama.

She asks Mahira to threaten Luthra that if they don’t throw Preeta out, she will commit suicide in front of them. Mahira says that Sherlyn should have explained it earlier. Sherlyn says that Mahira did not let him say anything. Kareena orders Preeta to leave the house and says that they don’t need her.

Mahira comes there with kerosene and says that if Luthra did not throw Preeta out of the house, she would commit suicide. Everyone was shocked to hear him. Ramona tells Preeta not to go to Mahira.

Sristi says that Mahira did not commit suicide while acting. Mahira says that she does not care what Sister thinks and sprinkles kerosene on her body and it becomes Mahira’s dream.

Mahira tells Sherlyn that she did not do anything that says that it is too dangerous for her life. Sherlyn says that she knows Luthra, they will stop her to make sure.

Mahira says that if she stops then they will understand that she was acting so she cannot take the risk. Sherlyn says that if she wants to stay in Luthra House, she will have to do this drama. Mahira runs away from there.

Ramona says that she did not let Preeta stay in the house even for a second. Rakhi prevents him from going inside. The grandmother was about to faint due to stress.

Rishabh gives him water and tells him to calm down. Kareena comes there with Preeta. Preeti gets worried like seeing grandmother. Grandma tells him to stay away from her. Ramona asks where the smell of kerosene is coming from.

Shailene says that it is coming from Mahira saying that she tried to commit suicide. Ramona adequately describes Preeta’s play and asks her to leave the house. She says that Mahira took this big decision today because of Preeta.

Preeta asks Ramona to drop her hand and says that nothing will happen to Mahira as she is just pretending.

She says that Mahira loves her life so much, she can try to kill others but cannot commit suicide so she and Sherlyn are lying. She says that only Luthra can scold her for marrying Karan, not Ramona. Kareena asks why Preeta is not leaving home.

Preeta asks Rakhi to state her decision and she will accept it. Daadi says that Preeta is so clever why is asking Rakhi because she knows that Rakhi is so kind and taking advantage of it. She says that Rakhi alone cannot take this decision and the whole Luthra wants her to stay at Luthra House, so she will have to leave.

Rakhi says that Karan is her son, he loves her very much and understands her too. She says she gave birth to him so she has more rights over him than anyone else. She says that everyone has to accept her decision.

Karan remembers Rishabh’s marriage and Mahesh’s accident and Rakhi. Rakhi tells Preeta to leave the house and leaves. Kareena kicks Preeta out of the house. Sister goes to help Preeta.

Preeta extends her hand to Karan, she does the same but leaves her hand later. Seeing which Preeta cried.

Rishabh opposes Rakhi’s decision and says it is an injustice to Preeta. Rakhi says that Preeta trusted her and said that she would accept her decision and she said what she felt was right. She says that Preeta broke her trust today.

She used to think that Preeta would not cheat anyone, but Rishabh also saw what she did today and why she took this decision. She says that if she had taken the right decision, she would have taken the same decision if Mahesh had been here.

She supported Preeta when she was right but this time she is wrong so she cannot support him. She says that Karan was wrong that day and today Preeta is wrong.

She says that she made the decision after much thought. Rishabh says that his decision is wrong. She says that she does not want to talk in this matter and leaves from there. Rishabh wonders what happened to Rakhi.

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