Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 25 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 25 February 2020, Left sixth tells Preeta that all should rest now as the police leave. Preetha was shocked to hear that someone was ringing the door bell again. Karan hides again with Preeta. Later, hab went into the room of the sixth Karan and asked him how he was in the video if Preet did not try to kill Mahira.

shrishati calls Sammy and reports that the police have arrived at her house to find love. She informed the hab six that she thought the video was wrong. She says that Sharlene has received a video of Morded, who is six when she heard that he decided to investigate with Sherlyn. When he reaches the living room, the door bell rings.

Rakhi was shocked to see the police at her door through the window. Pre Shahab tells his entire family that they should hide Preeta and Karan from the police. Rakhi tells Sherlyn that if she decides to talk to the police, she should stay in her room. When the police arrived, she said she was innocent and oversaw the police stop. However, the police have a warrant and they decide to search the house.

Isabhi wants to know who called the police in the house. He takes Sherlin aside and tries to show the video that Preeta is guilty. Sammy and Karan are hiding in a room with Preeta and the truck driver. Police are deciding to launch a search from that room. When Sherlin is going to show video to Shabbat, Sammy calls to help Hab.

Hab reached the sixth room and took the policeman to the maid’s room. He sends Karan a message to hide outside. However, Karan and Preeta go through the grandmother’s room when they leave the house. Hab Shahan tried to divert the police but he left the room to find Preeta. Karan and Preeta are hiding behind a pillar but the truck driver was returning from a wheelchair.

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