Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 25 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 25 January 2020, Preeta tells srishti that she thinks Karan will not misunderstand her at this time. Preeta said, “When I tell her the truth, I think Karen will trust her.” Sherlyn asks Mahira why she cares if Preeta doesn’t die. She says Prita will still be in jail. Mahira said that Preeta was out of jail and that Sherlin was in shock.

Karan sits down and wonders if Love really tried to kill Mahira. He is running out of the hospital to get Preeta out of jail. Hab Shukha has already rescued Preeta and insisted that she and her family be brought back home.

Preeta had already returned to her home when she reached Karan police station. The police inspector informs Karan that Preeta has been released and that the matter has been withdrawn. Karan was shocked to hear that Hab Shabha had released Preeta but was relieved. Hab Shan leaves Preeta at home, and Sammy is seen staying with Grandma. Creation thanks Sammy for calling Ti Shibha for help.

When Ishab arrives home, he searches for Sherlyn. He tells Kareena and Ramona that he doesn’t think Preeta is guilty, so he leaves her. Rakhi is happy with this story. After that, the hab goes into the room of the sixth and asks him why he doesn’t believe in love. He said that the lawyer saw Karan trying to save Preeta. He tells Karan to listen to his inner awareness.

The specialist calls Karan and he decides to go back to the hospital. When Preeta calls Karan, he ignores her call again. Karan did in fact answer her call that Preeta asks for Creation. The creature admitted that she had lied to her in love because she thought Karan had ignored them again earlier. Karan goes to the hospital and tells Mahira that Preeta is out of jail.

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