Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 26 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 26 August 2020, Shrishti recalls how he advised Preeta to fight against Sherlyn and Mahira, and how Sarla warned him not to go to Luthra’s house again. She apologizes to Preeta, saying that everything is her fault.

Preeta says that she need not worry, it was not her fault so she should not blame herself as she decided to marry Karan. She says that if Luthra kicked her out of the house, they have their house and she asks him to take her to Sarla. Shrishti goes to bring auto.

Mahira asks that no one was suspicious of Preeta and says that Ramona was standing near the pavilion, yet she did not recognize Preeta and asks how could she do this with her daughter.

Ramona says that she asked Preeta to lift the veil to give her lemonade, but Preeta did not do it and at the same time Sherlyn did not allow her to lift the veil or else she would know that the bride is Preeta. She says that Mahira should ask Sherlyn because she is the one who told him she was drunk.

Mahira says that everything has happened because of Sherlyn and she asks him not to react like she doesn’t know anything, because she knows very well what she is talking about. .

She says that Preeta came to her room and addressed herself as Karan’s legal wife and told that she could ask Sherlyn if she didn’t believe it. She asks Sherlyn whether or not she told him.

Kareena and Daadi tell Mahira to remain calm and not blame Sherlyn. Mahira says that she had already warned Sherlyn not to commit any stupidity.

She says that Preeta had come to attend the wedding as they had invited her but Sherlyn provoked her as to why she married Karan. Sherlyn says that she doesn’t know that Preeta would do something like this. Mahira says that Sherlyn is responsible for everything and leaves.

Ramona asks Sherlyn to take over Mahira. Sherlyn follows Mahira. Preeta weeps remembering Rakhi’s decision and Kareena kicks her out of the house.

Rakhi weeps in front of God, saying that she hurt Preeta a lot today with her decision and says that everyone was so angry at her that if Karan had a chance, he would have thrown her out of the house himself.

She says that Preeta was already broken and she can’t see him breaking up any more why she made that decision. She says that everyone hates her and will make her cry more because she won’t let it happen.

Preeta feels that Rakhi has always supported her but today she asks him the meaning of leaving the house, that she also feels that she did wrong by marrying Karan.

Rakhi says that Preeta did nothing wrong by remarrying her husband, but if she tells her family, no one will listen to her. She says that if she stopped listening to his heart, she would be insulted every day.

She says that she had no other choice and apologized to God. She pleads with God to support her, saying that she can no longer do this.

Prithvi thinks that if he calls Sharleen she will scold him and wonder how to confirm that Karan married Mahira so that she can sleep peacefully.

He calls her and requests her not to cut the call. She asks if he asked her to apologize. He apologizes to her. She says that she does not like the way he talks with her.

He praises her and says that he just wanted to confirm that Preeta does nothing to stop Karan’s marriage. She says that no one can stop Karan and Preeta’s marriage.

He gets confused after listening to her. She tells him about everything that happened in Luthra’s house. He refuses to obey her. She says Karan refused to accept her as his wife and kicked her out of the house.

He cuts the call and throws it all away, he asks why Preeta is going to Luthra’s house to insult him again and again. He says that she is very precious and just insults love.

She says that she has not changed, but she will listen to Sarla and decide to talk to Sarla about her and Preeta’s marriage.

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