Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 27 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 27 August 2020, Karan enters his room and remembers his marriage and Preeta’s weeping face and on the other hand, Preeta also cries remembering her marriage (the song Baikhali plays in the background). Furious Karan messes up his room and shouts Preeta’s name.

Preeta realizes that she is calling him and was about to go inside Luthra’s house, but stops herself. Mahira cries in her room.

Sherlyn comes there and says that Mahira has done wrong to her and asks what she is trying to prove. Mahira says that she is just trying to prove that Karan is just her. Sherlyn warns him to stop doing all this.

Mahira asks what Sherlin will do if she doesn’t stop and pushes him. She says that she was not married to Karan because of Sherlyn and asks her to leave.

Sherlyn holds Mahira’s hand tightly and says that her marriage was halted because she had already warned him about Preeta, but Mahira did not listen to him.

She says that Preeta tried to stop her marriage as well, but she was not intelligent as she was not as dumb as Mahira, who could not even save her own marriage.

She says that Mahira has no idea what all the Arora family did to stop her marriage, but she does not know how to play the game as she too was not overconfident like Mahira.

Mahira tells her to stop and pushes her again. Sherlyn suggests him to vent his anger on Preeta. She says that she was not married to Preeta and asked him to show her her location.

Sister Auto Prohibits. Sherlyn takes the auto key and throws it away. Sister apologized to the auto. She asks why Sherlyn behaves madly and asks him to fight her instead of harassing others. She goes to help the auto guy who was searching for her key.

After leaving the auto from there, do not drag him into their fight. Sherlyn taunts Sisti and Preeta. Ramona says how Preeta can do everything alone, she is sure that someone from this house would have helped her.

Kareena scolds Luthra, blaming her and saying that no one came to help Preeta when she was kicking him out of the house, so it is clear that no one wants her as Luthra’s daughter-in-law. She warns him again not to say anything about his family like this.

Sanjana says that when she started speaking this way and says that she also knows that Preeta loves her family a lot. Kareena says that if Sanjana knows her family better than them, she should name them and ask who is helping Preeta.

Ramona takes the name of Rishabh and Kareena and Sanjana shock her on hearing this. Ramona says that Rishabh will choose Preeta over Mahira any day.

Kareena asks how dare she talk about him in such a way and says that she is proud of the Luthra family and will never do anything that hurts her family members. She says that she never goes against her family. Ramona says that it is easy for Kareena to say all this, but her daughter is still single.

Kareena says that it is not that she wanted Karan to marry Preeta. Ramona asks him to marry Karan to Mahira. Kareena says that she does not accept Karan and Preeta’s marriage but she needs time and Karan.

Sanjana says that Karan and Preeta’s marriage is now legal. Kareena says that Preeta does not feel like this, otherwise he would have opposed her when she had to get him out of the house.

She tells him not to do such a thing in front of the Arora family. Ramona weeps, saying that she can no longer face Mahira.

Mahira tells Preeta that he has taken away everything from her and says that she has no right to dream about Karan. She says that she can also murder someone for Karan.

She says that Luthra threw her out of Karan even though she married Karan because she is a trash and nothing else. She tells Preeta that everything must have been planned by Sarla.

Preeta warns her not to utter a single word against her mother.

Mahira asks what he will do and pushes her. She says that she does not forget what she has done today and says that she does not forget what she is going to do with him. Preeta was shocked after listening to him.

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