Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 27 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 27 February 2020, Police once again entered the Luthra home. They arrested the truck driver but Prita was also found at the Luthra House.

They tell Preeta that she needs to go to jail again. Karan tries to disrupt the police. Hab Sasha asks Sherlyn if she has anything against Preeta. Sherlin said she would tell police that Preeta Luthra was hiding in the house.

Charlene and the expert decided to devise a plan to prevent Lutras from questioning the truck driver. Mahira’s truck is planned to be used against driver Preeta. They go to the lounge and find Shruti in Luthor’s house. Creation hugs Preeta and says she just wants to help him.

Preeta and Sherlyn decide to rest in the living room tied to the truck driver. Hab took Shabbat to his room and discussed what the creation told him. He says everyone thinks Preeta is innocent, which is how she got into the video. Kareena and Kareena told Karan that she didn’t want him to save her.

When everyone in the house is asleep, Sherlyn and Mahira plan to use a spray to knock everyone in the house. They plan to put on a mask and give the truck driver a mask so everyone can help him escape when he is unconscious. Be successful in their plan and get the truck driver out of the house. In the morning, Ishab and Karan saw the truck driver talking to Mahira and Sherlyn.

Sherlyn looked at the habhash and looked at her and told the truck driver to run away. Karan and hab sixth followed him while the truck driver was fleeing. When the truck driver brought them home to get a confession, the truck driver says that Sherlin and the master tried to stop him from escaping. He says that someone paid him to kill Preeta.

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