Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 27 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 27 January 2020, Karan was at Preeta’s house when the police went in. Preeta will have to be arrested again, he said. Preeta tries to explain that hab six has already handled everything. Police say they have evidence of two new crimes filed against her, and now no one can save her. Preeta is handcuffed and Karan is taken to the police while watching her helplessly.

If Karan answers her call, Peeta asks the creation. Creation confessed that she had lied to Preeta because she was too scared. Preeta is convinced that Karan was busy and hence he has not spoken to anything about creation She tells Creation that she thinks Karen will trust him when he hears the side of her story.

Karan tells Mahira that Preeta is out on bail and he goes to find her doctor. The master called Charlene and gave her the news. Sherlyn was shocked to hear that Preeta was out of jail. Karan goes back to the room again and asks the reason behind her anger. Mahira said the next day is her mother’s birthday and she can’t plan anything from the hospital.

Rakhi tells Sasha that she wants to go to Preeta’s house but she is afraid of Ramona and Kareena. Hi Shank decided to go to Preeta’s house with Rakhi. Sherlyn Preeta is looking for evidence to prove that she is guilty. She understands that you have a video of the accident and called someone to edit the video and blame Preeta.

Kareena has decided to have a big party to celebrate Ramona’s birthday and she wants Rakhi to be included in the planning. Rakhi hab arrives at Aurora’s house with a six. She apologizes to her for everything that happened. She comes to the door and apologizes.

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