Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 28 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 28 January 2020, Kareena calls Rakhi and tries to find her location. Rakhi and hab are in the house of the sixth Aurora where the creature saw Kareena’s call. She disconnects it so Kareena can think Rakhi is upset. Hab thanks to Sasha and Rakhi Sarla and promises that Preeta will not face any problem from Mahira or other members of her family.

Karan is in the hospital where he has heard some hostesses saying bad things about Preeta. He defends Preeta and says he will not try to hurt Mahira intentionally. He takes Mahira home, where they are preparing for Mahira’s mother’s birthday. Karan decided to go to the training ground the next morning, but he noticed that Preeta was not in the cabin. Sherlyn goes to the police station and says she has evidence against Preeta. She shows them an edited video in which Prita is pushing Mahira towards the truck and looks like an accident. Karan tells himself to go to Preeta’s house and tells him that Preeta is angry about what she did to Mahira. Sir opens the door but does not welcome it. When Karan sees that Preeta is making a cake in the kitchen, she sprinkles Ata on her own.

Karan was thinking of getting angry at Preeta but he lied to her, he didn’t know anything about the arrest. Preeta said she was going to the washroom to remove the flour from her hair. Sherlin told Mahira that she gave a fake video to the police which would lead to Preeta being arrested again. Karan decided to talk to Preeta and enter her washroom. Preeta noticed her hair drying as she splashed water on her face. The car opened the tap with Preeta standing under the shower. Preeta gets soaked in water but she pulls Karan along with her. Karan and Preeta laugh at the beginning but at another moment they hug each other. Creation sees them hugging each other and gets excited. She locked the door and prevented Sara from entering. Preeta uncomfortably walks out of the washroom, Karan tries to follow her but falls on his face.

Preeta called Sarala inside and asked her about hurrying to hurt her face. Krishi said that she was the one who threw water at Pita and Karan for fun. Preeta puts a brace on Karan’s forehead to protect her wounds. When Karan asks her why she is doing this to him. Preeta says because Karan is her husband.

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