Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 29 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 29 January 2020, Karan goes to the police station where Preeta is arrested. He wants to see evidence for Preeta’s arrest. Police refused to show evidence to Karan. He asked them to name at least the evidence. Police say Sherlin provided evidence. Karan sees Preeta crying and asks her to stop. He promises to get her out of jail, not just on bail but with a clean chit.

Hab takes Shabbine to his room and asks her to send Preeta to jail. Sherlyn said she knew Preeta was guilty. Think Shabha discourages her from thinking. Pre Six also says that he trusts Preeta more than her. He says that if they try to target Preeta again, they will have problems in their marriage.

Karan wants to know why Preeta is taking so much care of him. Preeta says because Karan is her husband, she also mentions about caring for everyone. Karan wants to know why Preeta is not angry. She told him that he had to answer the question on his own. Mahira arrives at Karan’s room because she is losing him. She decided to call him.

Sarita asks Karan to join them while cutting the cake because Preeta is out of jail. Police entered Preeta’s house to arrest her as people were eating cake. The master heard the police asking for Preeta and realized that Karan was at Aurora’s house. Police have arrested Preeta and since she has evidence against her, she cannot be released on bail.

Mahira was upset because Karan was with Preeta. Sherlin says that Karan will come back to Mahira after Preeta is arrested. While Karan thinks about how people try to make Preeta a villain, she always tried to save her family. He realizes that Preeta is not guilty and goes to the police station with his family.

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