Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 3 January, shrushti removed dry mehndi from Mahir’s hand. She says that everyone said that the darker the color of mehndi, the more her husband would love her. shrushti says that Mahir’s mehndi is very light. Kumkum Bhagya Hall is sure to have a lot of rich people and robbers threaten to shoot people. When gunshots are heard Prita is walking back into the hall with Karan.

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 3 January, The Uth rabbit wants to know what the prithvi is doing at Luthor’s party. The prithvi says it has come to help Preeta. Sherlynn calls Shabbat and tells her to go with her. Sharlene doesn’t look at the prithvi that hides her face from hers. The prithvi leaned towards Sherlyn and hugged a stranger so that she could not be seen. Karan and Mahir’s Mehndi Ceremony is what a stranger told him.

Mahira is still thinking about what Preeta told her, even when people put mehndi in her hand. Grandma says that the more her husband loves her, the more mehndi, Kareena tells Krishna to take Mahir to her room and wash mehndi. Sherlyn decided to go with Mahira as well. This will teach a lesson to shrushti, ”said Kareena.

Preeta is running away from Karan on the way out of the hall. Preeta stops outside her house and tells Karan that she tried to say that we love her. Karan tries to tell Preeta that he loves her too and she has never seen her. Preeta still refuses to trust Karan but agrees to be with him at all the wedding receptions and takes Karan back to the hall.

shrushti goes to the master room and takes oil. Mahita tells Sherlyn that Preeta told her to come back out of the wedding. Sherlyn then tries to strangle shrushti, but shrushti threatens to talk about the pregnancy again. Sharlene exits the room after which Rakhi and Grandma enter. While searching for prithvi, Ramona tells him to meet Charlene.

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