Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 30 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 30 January 2020, Preeta is crying in her jail cell because of Karan. She thinks Karan is only helping her because he helped her grandmother. She is sure that Karan does not trust her as before. Karan goes home and meets Isha. He tells her that Preeta has been arrested but षShawn refuses to trust Karan. Finally, Karan said that when she was arrested, he was with Preeta.

Luthor prepares for Ramona’s birthday party. Mahira is cool for everyone. She even helps Kareena and Rakhi become friends and resolve their differences. Ira is upset because Mahira is mature and responsible, but then she commits the crime of not preying on him. Sharilyn was aware of the habtab mess and was happy about it.

Karan asked the police to show evidence. When the police refused, Karan asked who gave them the Purana. Presita says that Sherlin gave them a video proving that Preeta tried to kill Mahira. Karan demands to meet Preeta, but only asks Sir if he trusts her. Karan refuses to answer Sir and goes to meet Preeta.

He tells Preeta not to bother on whether she trusts him or not. He promises to release Preeta not only on bail but also with a clean chit. Karan says he is doing it just because Preeta saved his grandmother and he is returning favorably. When he leaves the police station, Karan tries to call Shashi but the business is later on. He calls Sherlyn and tells her to come home if she wants to talk to him.

Sherlyn hopes Karan will come home and make an appearance. Grandma also tells Charlene not to be angry at the hab, because everyone in the house thinks she is okay. Sarah goes to an expensive lawyer and promises to get Prita out of jail at the usual half fee. Karan arrives at Luthor’s house to find a video Sherlin gave to the police.

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