Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 31 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 31 August 2020, Prithvi asks Sarla why he slapped her. He says that he is not saying anything against Preeta, but rather that whatever society will talk about him, and by slapping him he cannot change her.

Sarla asks her to leave the house, how dare she use these little words for her daughter.

She says that she wanted to be his son once in a while, but not now. She says that she knows that Preeta will never do anything wrong. She shouts at him, saying how dare he talk about his daughter, she is also standing in his house and pushing him.

He asks why he is angry at her and asks if she accepted his marriage when Karan refused to accept it. She recalls how she did not accept her first marriage.

He says that he is here to help her so that she can take the right decision. He says that even though she wants Karan as her son-in-law, it is not possible as Luthra is against this marriage and says that no one will accept Preeta.

Janaki did not listen to Sarala’s words and asked him to leave the house. She beats him but he pushes her aside and her head hits the door and she sees some glimpses from the past.

He apologizes to her and says that it was an accident that he has no intention of hurting. He begs Sarla not to throw him out.

Rakhi talks to Mahesh unconscious. She tells him that she does not know if he has taken the right decision or not, but she knows that if he had been in her place, she would have done the same.

She says that Preeta did nothing wrong by remarrying her husband, she wanted to stay with him in this house but she cannot do so due to the condition of this house.

She says that earlier everyone in Luthra’s house loved Preeta, but now everyone hates her and she cannot handle her hatred every day, so she took that decision.

She says that without him she feels very lonely and she needs him and cries. Kareena comes there and consoles Rakhi.

She says that Rakhi is not alone, her entire family is with her, and she still proves to this day that she is strong enough to take that decision and tells him not to cry.

Preeta and Sister arrive at Arora’s house. Sarla notices Preeta’s vermilion and Nathune’s chain. Preeta runs towards Sarla to hug her but Sarla stops her.

Sarita tells Sarla about Karan and Preeta’s marriage. Janaki says that they know everything. Sarla tells Preeta to leave the house.

Karan remembers everything and hurts his hand. Rakhi comes there and tells her not to drink when she is angry and depressed because he usually drinks when she is happy.

He says that he is neither angry nor unhappy. She says that she is definitely thinking about something in mind and asks him to share it with her. He says that he wants to be alone for some time.

Sarla yells at Preeta to listen to what she said. Sister tries to say something. Sarla tells her not to interrupt and says that Preeta went to attend Karan and Mahira’s wedding, saying that whoever marries her, it doesn’t matter to her. Janaki asks how Sarla can talk to Preeta that way.

Sarla says that it is between her and her daughter so no one should interfere in it. She says that when Karan betrayed her she supported Preeta but this time Preeta married the same person who always cheated and hurt them.

She says that Preeta never listened to him whenever he stopped her from going to Luthra’s house and asked Luthra to stay away.

She asks if she has any self-respect and says that her tears do not affect her today and says that if she wants to cry, she can go outside to cry. She says she did wrong by trusting her daughters.

Preeta says that Sister is not at fault and says that Sarla did wrong by teaching her to fight against evil and that Sherlyn and Mahira plan to kill Mahesh after marriage and that Sherlyn is the one who kidnapped Rishabh. .

Sarla asks instead of explaining why Luthra interfered with her.

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