Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 31 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 31 January 2020, Karan tells Preeta that everyone supports him. Preeta wants to know if Karan considers her as well. Karan says that he is with everyone. Rakhi and Kareena saw Sherlyn going out of the house with a packed bag. They ask him to stop but Sherlin tells him that Rishabh wants her to leave the house.

Karan reaches home and Rakhi tells him to get ready and come for the party. Karan says that he needs to talk to Sherlyn. Mahira hears that Karan is searching for Sherlyn. He is confused as Karan does not appear angry nor make any scenes. She calls Sherlyn and warns her that Karan is looking for her.

Sherlyn is confident that if Karan or anyone else sees the footage, they will believe it. She decides to hide it from Karan and Rishabh as she does not want them to send the video to the forensic department for authentication. While Sherlyn is trying to escape, she collides with Rishabh. He stops her and asks about her nervousness.

Preeta tells her mother that Karan is going to help them but only as a favor. Sarla tells Preeta that she got the best lawyer who agreed to settle the case at half the cost. Sarla hides about the fact that Arora still doesn’t have enough money to afford a lawyer. Karan gets ready and walks towards Sherlyn and Rishabh. Mahira kicks Sherlyn’s dress and asks her to leave.

Karan goes to Sherlin’s room and tries to find the video. When Sherlyn comes out of the washroom, Karan steps out of her window and exits. On the way out, he meets Rishabh and tells him that Sherlyn gave the police a video to send Preeta to jail. She also said that Sherlyn is molesting Mahira as well. Rishabh decides to find out the truth and confront Sherlin.

Rishabh asks Sherlyn to show him the video he gave to the police. Rishabh also refuses to believe that Preeta is guilty. Sherlyn threatens to leave the house after seeing Rishabh’s behavior. He agrees and asks for the video from her. Sherilyn packs her bag, but then Rishabh tells her that she doesn’t need the video.

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