Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 5 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 5 February 2020,Sherlyn is in the kitchen with the master, where she reveals her plans. Sharlene tells Mahira that she has already given bribe to a police inspector and a lawyer appointed by Sarla. She says that even if Sara paid the lawyer, he would not fight for her in court. The next day, after a court hearing, Sherlyn visits Prita to criticize that Prita will be declared a criminal and sent to prison together for several years.

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 4 February 2020, Sherlyn is back in Luthor’s house and Mahesh’s room. He is in a coma, but Sherlyn talks to him that if Karan quits treating her like this, he will go into a coma like his father. Sherlin then goes to the police station and insults Preeta while he is in jail.

Preeta tells Sarla not to worry. Sara does not believe in Karan because Karan stood there while doing preta arrest and did nothing. She called on Sammy to ask what was going on in her mind. As Sammy walks into the room, he sees the earth preventing anyone from apologizing.

Karan says R Shabha’s demand to watch the video given to police by Sharilyn was not wrong. Rakhi tells Karan to call Sherlin a sister and treat her with respect. Karan politely refuses and is shocked to find that Rakhi is supporting Sherlyn, not Preeta. Mahira’s mother, Ramona, refuses to cut the cake until Sherlin returns, and Karan smiles at her. Each sixth took Karan out of the room before everyone got angry.

Creation calls Sammy and realizes that Karan is giving his best to save Preeta. Heard this and the creation is happy. They decide to go back home. Creation tells Mother to call her when Luthor arrives. Sherlyn’s mother became worried when she was not given any time by the Luthra family. It was then that Kareena and Rakhi appeared to talk to Sherlyn and ask her to take her back home.

Isha tells Karan to calm down while talking to her father. Sammy asks Karan if he is really going to save Preeta. Karan said that he would help Preeta because she helped him when Grandma was injured. Everyone laughs because Karan is trying to deny their love for Pita. The expert heard that Karan was helping Preeta and was upset.

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