Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 5 March 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 5 March 2020, Sharlene asks Karan if she knows where Mahira is, because Mahira can’t be called. Karan says that Mahira is not with him and she is stuck on the 9th floor of the fire.

Karan asks Sherlyn to speak to the fire department. Preeta reaches the building and meets Kritika who tells her that Mahira is stuck in the fire on the ninth floor.

Mahira goes to the restaurant where Karan tells her to go and finds Karan with him. Preeta asks Karan if she really wants to marry Mahira. Karan tells Preeta that he cannot marry Mahira because he is married to Preeta. Mahira was angry with Preeta and beat her up, asking her to stay away from Karan. Karan gets angry at this and in turn slaps Mahira. He tells her to leave immediately.

Charlene imagines when the master saw Karan with Preeta. She thinks her master’s plan will be revealed if the master overthrows her. She calls Mahira and tells her to go back to the party before doing something stupid to spoil the party’s entire plan. Mahira listens to Sherlin and walks out of the restaurant.

Karan eats the extra spicy pasta requested by Preeta and is burning in the mouth. Preeta gives him honey and water before bringing him a drink. Karan looks at Preeta affectionately when a photographer clicks his photo. Karan asks the photographer to delete the photo immediately. Sharlene tells Mahira that Karan is only close to Preeta because she looks weak and always needs his help.

She tells Mahira that she should look weak in front of Karan and beg him to take Karan with her. The master called Karan and asked him to come to the party. Because her friends said she wouldn’t show up. She tells Karan that she is waiting for you on the ninth floor. Karan still doesn’t leave his date to Preeta.


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