Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 6 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 6 January 2020, Karan reached the corridor behind the prithavi. When Karan was found and hid again, the prithavi was about to escape. Karan goes away. The prithavi grabbed the mask left by the robbers. Karan looks back and spots prithavi playing with a mask. He reaches out to him from behind. Turn to prithavi Karan and then run away. Karan wonders why he ran away, it looks like he’s crazy. The prithavi wonders why he is running away and he never runs away from Karan. They say that this is a wonderful thing, that no one will know that the prithavi is here, and that Sherlin will be skillfully defended.

Preeta is anxiously awaiting Karan and wondering what is happening inside. Karan remembers swearing that he would not leave her. She burst into wonder and wondered what the shot was. She decided to call in.
Isabha sat in the corner corner tied with rope. Krishti sneaks from the screen as the robbers rob the jewelry. Mrs. wondered what she should do. Sree has complained to Kareena that he should not come here. Karina is sorry to have come to this hall. One of the robbers intervenes as if it were his destiny. This Kumkum Bhagya Hall is extremely fortunate, the weddings in this House never break.
Srithi runs to the corridor. He was found by one of the robbers. Karan comes back and asks what’s going on. Mrs explains that it was not her fault. Karan agrees that Srishti doesn’t like him. Sriita said that if he pulled Tashre with Preeti, he would once again love her. She says there are robbers inside and they have guns. Karan walks in, refusing to follow her. Mrs. asks if she is Preeta or not, then she will not accept any of his orders. A robber came out, searched for Shree and found the prithavi in a mask. He considers the prithavi to be his master and inquires why he is wearing a mask and has changed his clothes. The prithavi dazzles him and goes away. Karan and Shrishti have a chance to go in the opposite direction.

Two men came looking for the bride and they found women in the room. They take them to gunpoint.

Preeta stops Karan and Shruti and demands to accompany them. Shruti wondered why Preity stood there. Preeta said that she was here because of Karan. Smt understands that Karan had made Pita a vow of her life. The wife says that there is no swearing or compulsion and asks for Pita’s hand to help her inside. Karan glances up at him. Preeta disagreed. Karan laughs that Prita is accepting what she is not doing today. Karan demands that he make a heart with her hands and match it with her hands, then demand to see her through the hole and say that he is the most beautiful person in the world, and also the most beautiful. Preeta repeats. Karan enjoys it and pulls Preeta inside. They stood close to one another. Srishti feels uncomfortable. Shrishti captures his attention and his three heads inside.

In the corridor, a robber asks Grandma whether Sarla’s daughter is married to one of them. Every one of their guests is complaining about their hall and such complaints only happen to their mother-in-law. They heard that Vara had married the daughter of the owner of this hall. Grandma and Marie were upset and had to consider their own business. The robber goes to the washroom. Preeta walks closer to the room and knocks on the door from the outside. Karan only pretends to love acting smartly, because no one has opened the door. Smriti convinces Karan that this is the upper room.

The prithavi entered the main courtyard with other robbers. Isabha was shaking with a chair. The prithavi loves height. He takes a gun out of the hands of one of the robbers and fires it into the air. He cries out that whatever he says now will happen. One of them was conscientious and he inquired what happened to their boss’s voice. The prithavi slapped the man. He is screaming that he has no doubt. He asserts that he does not like interrupting anyone while he is speaking. On prithavi quietly he thinks that these robbers are all fools and he considers him a boss. He says that he dislikes Isabha’s face and goes towards him with a gun. GoShabh wonders why he has a certain enmity against the gangsters.

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