Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 6 March 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 6 March 2020, Karan and Preeta perform in the Holi special series that appears this weekend. Tip Tip Karana and Preeta will raise the temperature while performing a romantic dance to Barसाa Peni and other songs. Check out the special performance of R Six from the other specialists.

Sharlene tells Mahira that she needs to wait for Karan on the ninth floor. Sherlin says Mahira will have to pretend like the fire on the ninth floor and call Karan for help. She also mentioned that Karan would run to her and leave Preeta after she realized she was in danger. Sharlene tells Mahira that they will not have a real fire.

While laughing and chatting, Karan accidentally drunk on Pita. Preeta goes to the washroom to clean her dress. After Karan got Mahira’s call, she asked for help as she got stuck in the fire. Sherlyn decided to panic by calling Karan and saying that she could not find Mahira anywhere. Karan rushes to come up with the master. Preeta heard Karan’s conversation and followed him.

Shortlin sees that Kriti has heard about the fire. She tells Mahira to start a fire to convince Kritika that she is in danger. The master started the fire but kept himself away from it. Kartik sees the smoke on the ninth floor and asks Sherlyn to speak to the fire department. Sherlyn goes to the hotel desk and tells them something different. She tells Kritika that the fire brigade was called to the hotel.

Preeta arrives at the hotel before Karan gets stuck in the traffic. She discovers where Mahira is and goes to the ninth floor to rescue her. When Preeta got there, she realized that Mahira was in no danger. She will not leave unless Karan rescues her, Mahira said. Preeta calls Mahira mad and says that she will tell Karan about it too. The master decided to put Preeta on fire.

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