Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 August 2020,Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 August 2020, His brother-in-law tells everyone that he would not have got married if he had listened sincerely at that time. Sanjana asks what he is trying to say. Rakhi says that this is why Habshabh and Sherlyn had a quarrel with each other recently and he tells her not to misunderstand her. She advises Shabha to forget the incident and move on. He thinks Sherlyn is definitely not the type he wants to marry.

Sherlyn realizes that Mahira has something hidden in her hand and tells her to tell what she is hiding. Mahira refuses to show her this. Charlene forces her to show up and is shocked to see a bottle of liquor in her hand. She is finally getting married to Karan, so she needs to celebrate, Mahira said.

Shereen asks if Mahira fainted while taking the round. Mahira said that today she wins and loses Preeta. Preeta feels that she has suffocated for him and wants to go home soon after marriage. Kritika tells Preeta that she is not happy with what is happening now.

Preeta said that she did not know what r tik means. According to Karan, it is unjust for Preeta to have to experience love in Karan’s marriage. Preeta said she has no issue and she is happy that she can attend the wedding of cricketer Karan Luthra. She says it is her destiny to have this opportunity, not everyone gets a chance to witness their marriage.

Seeing Karan there, Kritika left. Preeta also tried to leave but Karan grabbed her hand. He tells her not to go anywhere without going to the wedding. She notices one of her ears missing and tells Preeta. She thinks her ears would have fallen down in Mahesh’s room. They taunt each other. He says that he is not happy in his marriage but he is pretending that he is happiest in marriage. She says he can think of whatever he wants no matter what happens to her and goes to find her earrings. Hearing the footsteps, Sherlyn took Mahira with her to Mahesh’s room and hid a bottle of liquor there.

Mahira said that whenever she sees Mahesh, she remembers the incident when she was about to expose Charlene and remembers how she pushed him. Sherlyn says Mahira doesn’t have to worry about him. She shakes him and tells him to attend her son’s wedding and says he can’t stop the wedding if he wants to. She said his family is with him but he is not safe.

Mahira asks what she is saying. Sherlyn said she plans to kill him after Mahira’s wedding. Preeta listens to them and thinks about what Charlene is talking about.

Sameer takes the lead cloth. Christie comes in and asks if he’s been acting weird ever since she asked him to help stop the marriage. She says she has found that Karan and Preeta have feelings for each other and Karan is going to ruin his whole life due to ego and stubbornness.

Sameer says he respects love but it is too late to stop the marriage. She told him to give up negative thoughts and think positive. She says that later Karan will blame Sameer for stopping the marriage. He agrees to help her and asks her to tell him the plan. She says she has no plans at the moment. He tells her to think and walks away.

Sherlyn’s dream has been revealed by Mahesh to the Luthra family so she needs to get rid of him. She says that Mahesh knows about the accident that happened to her. She says that if Mahesh dies, she doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Mahira tells her not to kill her anymore as she has honeymoon and all other plans after marriage. They decided to think about it later and left. Preeta tells Mahesh that she thought they were doing the wrong thing because they hate her but they are too bad. She says she will not let her plan succeed. She explains why she is pulling him. She thinks about what to do because when the marriage is over she will leave Luthra’s house and will not be able to save him. Karan says she misses him and asks what she is doing in Mahesh’s room.

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