Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 January, The true owner of the robber manages to escape and tells his men to steal the jewelry for the rest. They take everything with Rakhi’s mangalsutra which makes it emotional. Karan and hab enter the hall with six sticks and sticks. They started beating all the robbers. One of the robbers grabbed a rakhi and stopped Karan and hab shabh.

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 January, The prithavi has masked and used this opportunity to hurt Isha. Hab Shab wondered why the robber leader was targeting him? Sherlyn tells the leader to wait. She tells him that he is the wife of hab shabh and that the prithavi tries to make Sherlyn more hero. He put a knife to Hab’s sixth neck and threatened to kill him if Sharlene didn’t apologize.

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 6 January 2020 Sherlin initially refused to apologize but was later forced by the Luthor family to do so. Robbers also begin to doubt whether the prithavi is their real boss. The prithavi tells them to keep going. He says he is the boss and he really needs to rob rich people including Mahira, Grandma and Rakhi. The prithavi tells them that there is no such law and tells the rest to be plundered.

The gang leader realizes that he is locked in the room and tries to call for help. The prithavi heard his voice and decided to play loud music so that no one could hear it. On prithavi, bullies are asked to dance at a party. Preeta and Karan enter the hall and head to the hab shabh. They found the gang leader locked in another room while being a fake robber, pretending to be the boss.

Karan and Preeta argue over how to deal with the situation. So Preeta should talk to the fake robbers and take all the robbers away. Karan decides to beat the robbers and arrest them. They both set out to make sure their plans worked. Prithvi told the robbers that he freed the hab haha ​​and told them to leave Sammy alone.

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