Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 Saptember 2020, Sherlyn did this by looking at the earth in Luthra’s house. Prithvi asks her what Preeta is doing at Luthra’s house when she says that Luthra kicked her out of the house.

She tells him to leave the place and that he will be beaten up if Luthra catches him. She says he seems disappointed and asks who throws him.

He says that no one has the guts to treat him like that. He asks her to promise him that she will not leave his side. She promises him and asks what happened to him.

He hugs her and asks her to help him forget his quarrel. He says that he knows that he is cunning and clever and wants him to kick Preeta out of the house. He says that he wants to prove that Arora insulted him.

He is frightened to hear the siren of the police van. She assures him that the police are not here for Preeta, but she should leave. He goes from there.

The police inspector comes there and he praises Karan’s haircut and asks why he called them. She stops him before she says anything and says that she cannot believe he is standing in front of her and asks her to take a selfie with him.

Seeing everything, Preeta was shocked. Sherlyn feels that the police inspector is Karan’s fan so everything will be in her favor.

The police inspector says that she starts flirting like a child when excited and thanks him for a selfie and again asks her why she called them.

Mahira says that she will answer him and Preeta claims that she is Karan’s wife but this is not true. The Nago Lady says that a few minutes ago, Karan confessed that he married Preeta.

Karan says that he did not call the police to tell them that Preeta is his wife, but he called them to tell them how clever she is. He says that Preeta joined hands with Prithvi Malhotra and tried to kill her father Mahesh.

He says that his father was recovering, but he pushed her again because he was afraid that she would tell his truth to everyone. He asks to stop his marriage with Mahira, he also kidnaps Rishabh.

Rishabh asks her to stop. Karan accuses Preeta of attempted murder and kidnapping and asks the police to arrest her.

Preeta says that she is not responsible for anything, just that Karan has a habit of cooking stories and believes that this is only true and she arrives at Kumkum Bhagya Hall on her wedding day So that they can take revenge by believing their own cooked stories. .

She says that she swapped and married a groom and when the truth came out, she presented it to everyone.

In that marriage, Karan says that his family was not there. Preeta says that Rakhi was there and she also blessed them. He says that there was no one but his mother so that the marriage was incomplete.

Preeta says that she got married twice and how she interchanged the bride and married him. She says her family witnessed her second marriage.

She says that Luthra requested Priest that she turn the marriage upside down when they knew the truth.

Mahira says that Preeta is lying and has no evidence to prove her point. Sherlyn says that the law asks for evidence that Preeta does not have.

Preeta says that Sister knows that Luthra’s desire will cause problems, so she records her marriage and has already submitted the NGO to the women and has also presented evidence for her previous marriage.

The NGO shows the clip to the female police inspector.

Karan says that everything is wrong and he asks to arrest Preeta. The police inspector says that Preeta is legally his wife and that she cannot throw him out of the house like this and that if he did, he would have to arrest his entire family.

She says that Preeta proved her point with evidence and asked her to prove that she is the one who kidnapped Rishabh and tried to kill Mahesh.

Rishabh says that Preeta did not kidnap her and asks Karan to understand her. He says that he is hurt that Karan, like others, accused Preeta without any proof.

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