Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 8 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 8 February 2020, Rakhi promises Preeta that she will not go to jail anymore. She promises Preeta that the Luthera family has caught her in this mess and they will get her out of her. Sarla, a lawyer hired by Sharilyn, says that you will not fight the case in court. He says that if no other lawyer is rejected, he will not take any lawyer. Karan summoned Mahira and asked her to come to court soon. While he is on the phone, some people try to grab Mahira from the auto space.

Preeta is worried about whether Karan will support her in court. Karan is happy at home because he thinks that will save Pita now. He says that the video clearly shows that Preeta did not push Mahira on purpose and that he will do justice to Preeta. Mahira tells Sharleen that she promised Karen that he would marry her.

Mahira tells Charlene that even though she didn’t plan to do so, she promised to return the complaint. However, even Karan will not let this happen. Karan told the habshob that the expert had agreed to withdraw his complaint. However, Karan hugs Sasha and says he is sorry. Karan did not reveal that he had promised to marry Mahira to save Preeta.

Sarla goes home and tells everyone that Preeta believes in Karan. She is now unable to fully trust Karen and says she needs to come up with a plan to help Preeta. Kritika told Sasha that she did not think she would withdraw her complaint against Preeta. Ira Sasha says that the master has promised them and she will not return to her word.

When everyone is going to court, Mahira tells Karan that she has broken her leg and should go to the doctor first. She has decided to meet Karan directly in court. Sherlynn will be going with Lutras but she gets a call from a lawyer asking for a bribe. He asked her to pay the promised money that he would go against her in court.

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