Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 8 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 8 January,The robbers decided to take Rakhi and Karan together. Bosses say they will hold him back until they are sure the police are behind him. Hearing this prevents Preeta from taking the robbers. The robbers threatened to shoot Preeta. The boss asks Karan about his relationship with Preeta.

Preeta tells the robbers to leave Sammy alone because he was the one to free Isha while everyone was dancing. Robbers ask how he knows Sammy’s name. Prithvi says that someone heard him say ‘Sammy’, which is why he called him that. He told them to keep the rakhi and the rest. Kheta decides to use fake pretenders Preity and Creation to get rid of the robbers.

Love tries to seduce the fake robber in another room where Creation had stopped to catch him. The Prithavi saw Preeta talking seductively and immediately went to her. Preeta is astonished but goes into the room of creation. Prithavi rejoices that Preeta is taking him to the bride’s room. The real boss of the robbers entered the wedding hall again.

She caught Rakhi’s mangalsutra, though she had already given her all the other jewelry. Karan and hab shabh broke in at that moment and started beating the robbers. One of the robbers kept the gunpoint at gunpoint, which immediately stopped Karan and hab Shibh. He pretends to be the leader of the group and decides to find out who wants to kill him.

The Prithavi followed Ghost and saw her waiting with creation. She holds the knife to the Prithavi’s throat and demands to take off the mask. The Prithavi trembles and he manages to escape from the sisters. He hides himself in the bathroom and locks the door. The robber was terrified and Preeta and Creed were surprised as they tried to talk to him from the other side of the door. General Chat Chat Lounge

Janaki weaves a chili powder and throws it at the robbers. Luthor tried to leave with the other guests. Rakhi says that without her mangalsutra she would not escape. The robbers retrieved it and, in an attempt to take the mangalsutra, arrested Shubh and Karan at gunpoint. He slaps them for attacking Janaki. Preeta and Krishti are seen in hiding.

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