Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 9 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 9 January 2020, Thank you Sir for preventing the robbers. It says I am proud of such brave girls. Rakhi sits next to Mahesh in a coma. She says that Preeta Luthra must be in the house because she is a daughter-in-law. The master heard Rakhi and she shouted.

The robbers decided to focus on finding someone who pretended to be a fake boss. They decided to take Rakhi with her so that no one would try to escape. They locked Rakhi in another room. Preeta looks at the room and realizes that there is a hidden way to save Rakhi and save her.

Preeta went into Rakhi’s room and opened the door hidden under the carpet on the floor. Creation and habhashha argue with each other to distract the attention of the robbers and escape the cause. He also tries to find Rakhi. Rakhi is shocked to see love and creation, but she agrees to run away with the two. Karan accidentally makes a noise outside the room. The robbers not only find Karan but also catch Rakhi with Preeta and Creation.

The robber brought Karan to Karan’s rakhi room and saw her trying to run away. Preity and creation also escape with Rakhi and Karan. Creation tells the kidnappers where they can find the fake robbers. When the door reaches the washroom where the prithavi was hiding, he escapes the prithavi to a gunpoint. Preeta tries to stop the robbers by taking Karan and Rakhi. The robbers realized that Preeta and Karan loved each other.

Sarla realized that Kumkum was a robber in the fate hall. Preeta manages to gather all the robbers together and electrocutes them by water and by throwing them into the living wire. The robber who made the prithavi hostage escapes, but he is thrown into the water.

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