Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 9 March 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 9 March 2020, yesterday episode, Sharlene found Earth on Luthor’s house and he let her paint it. Karan goes to Rakhi who is standing next to Preeta and Mahir. Karan wishes Holi all the best for her, but instead of painting her, he puts the color on Preeta. Mahira goes into the kitchen and cries. Sherlyn tells her to stop crying and focus on their plan. She gave Mahira Bhanga to mix in Karan’s place. Preeta runs into Mahira and they get into a fight.

In tonight’s episode, Preeta tells Mahira that she is already married to Karan and she is the man in her horoscope. Preeta says that she doesn’t care who Karan is with, she just doesn’t want him to be with Mahira. Preeta said that she knows Mahira can go to any degree to get Karan. Crete takes her aside before she knows that Preeta knows Mahira’s plan.

Mahira suspects that Preeta has some plans in Luthor House. She still takes hemp and mixes it with glass. Sharlene says she paid the waiter to pay her a glass of coffee. Preeta is keeping an eye on Karan and he is watching over her. Karan comes to talk to Pita and they flirt with each other. Preeta sees the waiter giving Karan a glass of hemp and knocks it out of his hand.

Prithvi is watching both Karan and Preeta and they realize something is wrong. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Preeta knows exactly her plan. Sherlyn tells Mahira to deceive Preeta and lock her up somewhere until the plan is done. Mahira sends the waiter to Preeta, and Kriti tells her to call Preeta in the guestroom. When Prita hears that Karthik has called her, she follows the waiter.

While Mahira was sending Preeta to the guestroom, Sherlin looked at Preeta on earth. She takes him to another room to ask why she is still looking at Preeta. The Earth convinces Sherlyn that he loves her, not her love. Sherlyn hugged the earth in a room and only then was Ishabh gone. He pauses and turns around to be sure of what we’ve seen.

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