Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 9th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 9th Saptember 2020, Rishabh thinks that by seeing everyone’s face it looks like a storm is coming and good things are expected.

Mahira feels that after the police inspector leaves, she is going to incite Karan against Preeta and no one can save her from her anger.

The women of the NGO were about to leave, but the police inspector intercepted them, saying that Grave admissions were still pending.

Karan says that they do not perform such rituals. Rishabh says that this happens when she was married to Sherlyn’s hometown.

The NGO woman says that it is her achievement that today Preeta got her rights.

Karan says that Preeta is not an innocent woman, only she knows his real face.

The police inspector says that because of his behavior he often has to go to Luthra’s house to check on Preeta’s well being.

Kareena says that the police inspector is claiming to be a fan of Karan but she is also threatening him.

The police inspector says that she is definitely his fan but before that she is a police officer and she cannot ignore her duty.

Ramona says that the police inspector will once regret that he comes to know that Preeta is wrong.

The police inspector says that she has no time to regret anything and asks Rakhi to start preparing for Preeta’s Grave Pravesh.

Rakhi goes inside to start preparing for the ritual.

The NGO asks the woman Kareena to help Rakhi in the preparations.

The police inspector asks Sherlyn to arrange Karan’s room. Mahira says that the room is already decorated so she can leave looking at the Grave entrance.

The police inspector asks them to show Karan’s room.

Mahira says that she cannot go to anyone’s bedroom. Sherlyn says that she has yet to finish the decorations and leaves with Mahira.

Preeta thinks that Sarla gave her strength to fight evil, now she will not let anyone do wrong with herself and her family.

She says that Sarla is the only reason she was able to take this decision. Now she will not bow down to anyone and this is her promise to Sarla.

At Arora’s house, Sarla waits for Preeta’s phone and gets worried about her.

Sarita calms her down by saying that Sarla corrected Preeta by giving her strength. She says that Preeta will take care of everyone in Luthra’s house. Sarla says that Preeta will fix everything for Karan too.

Rakhi is upset with Preeta’s behavior and Kareena tries to console her.

Rakhi says that she does not understand him, she loved Preeta like her daughter but today she broke her trust. She says that Preeta should have approached him directly instead of going to the NGO.

She is scared wondering what will happen if this news is leaked to the media. She says that it was her fault that she loved Preeta more.

Kareena tells her not to blame herself and she should not believe in Preeta in future. Mahira cries on Karan’s bed and says that it should have become her room but now Preeta’s room.

Sherlyn tells him to be careful with his behavior. The Lady Constable tells them to do the decorations properly and tells Mahira to get up from the bed.

Sherlyn apologizes on behalf of Mahira, saying that she is not well.

Sameer thinks to call Sister to explain everything that happened in Luthra’s house. The servant tells the grandmother that Preeta’s house is about to enter, so the police inspector calls her.

Dadi says that she is not interested in those things so she will not go there. Kritika says that there are already many problems going on in her house, so she should go down.

Karan tells Rishabh that Preeta is a clever woman and all the rituals of her marriage are normal like the others.

Rishabh asks her to recall what she has been told about the police inspector and says that she is performing her duty, even if he is her admirer.

Karan says that he will perform all the rituals so that no one bothers his family. Rishabh says that she is proud of Karan.

Preeta tells Karan to go home with her. Karan refuses to stand near her. The police inspector ordered the constable arrested for hearing Luthra.

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