Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 18 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 18 August 2020, Preeta is worried that Mahira is not working at all. She watches his pulse and feels relieved. Sherlyn reached out of the room. Preeta sees unconscious Mahira. Sherlyn whispers that they will fulfill their plan, once she is married she needs to hurry.

Preeta thinks that she is confident of her plan now and she cannot let Mahesh die. She wipes her tears in a new determination. Mahira’s buds were tied on her arm. Preeta considers this to be a symbol of what she thought. She should marry Karan now, the way Karan married her. It also appears to be the will of God.

Preeta now takes Mahira behind the couch. Sherlyn now strikes Mahira to open the door. Preeta replies that she is coming. Sherlyn says the sound is not like them. Preeta pulled out Mahira’s dupatta and a bottle fell on the floor.

Sherlyn thinks she knows why the voice didn’t sound like Mahira’s. She goes to knock the door again, but he opens and the bride walks out. It was Preeta under the veil. Rishabh comes from behind and Sherlin had to walk quietly, but as Rishabh moves forward; Sherlyn stopped Mahira. She scolds Mahira for not answering her call and even hides her face under the veil. She threatens to tell him the truth herself. Preeta was tense under the veil.

In Mahesh’s room, Srishti and Sameer saw Mahesh. Rishabh supports them. Rishabh feels sad that he never saw Karan like this, he feels really helpless today. Shrishti says that there are problems in life, and one has to find a way out. Rishabh feels sad that Mahesh can talk to Karan at such a moment, as he is unable to talk to her.

Shrishti requests Rishabh to let Karan stay with Mahesh and not to take her to the pavilion. Rishabh says that Karan is stubborn, if they try to stop him now, he will be more vocal. He goes to the room. There, Srishti and Sameer feel that their plan will work this time and Karan faints. This would be the best plan to stop this marriage.

Preeta did not understand what Sherlyn was talking about. Sherlyn tells him to stay here and goes to the room to get her perfume. She scolds him again for drinking alcohol. Preeta realizes that her clothes were smelling of alcohol and that is why Sherlyn was scolding her. Preeta looked at Mahira from the mirror and tried to look.

Sherlyn was still angry with Mahira and was warning him to play more games. She says that the wine has too much smell and is better to keep her mouth shut, and keep her face covered. Sherlyn takes Preeta and was excited about her plan all over the corridor. Preeta thinks that she is marrying Karan under the veil, but there is nothing wrong in this. She is legally Karan’s wife and she will remain; She has a duty to protect this family from a witch like Sherlyn and she will do it right.

Sarla prayed for Preeta at her house. She cries that Preeta had agreed to marry Karan and accepted her fate. Karan then leaves him in the middle of the road in the dark, yet he accepts his fate. She now pleads for justice for Preeta. Whatever went wrong must be corrected.

Karan reached the pavilion. Kareena says that Karan will not leave the pavilion this time to search for Preeta. Karan asks Pandit to start marriage. He requests Rakhi to bring Mahesh to his wedding if possible. Grandma says they certainly can.

Everyone changes their face for the bride as Sherlyn brings Preeta under the veil. Preeta thinks that whatever she is doing is right. If he has to save this family and home and save Mahesh, he should take this step. He is still unsure what will happen next. Dadi asks Mahira why she was wearing a veil. Sherlyn said that there are many obstacles in her marriage, for this Mahira covers her face.

Karan feels a vibe as Preeta sits beside him.

Shrishti writes a message for Rishabh in which she thanks Rishabh for always standing by her. Although he never speaks much, today, he is writing every word from the heart. He fought for her when the police arrested her and helped Preeta every moment. Rishabh gets a text from Shrishti. Sameer notices Rishabh and Srishti talking to each other over the text. Rishabh wishes that he could do something else for both of them.

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