Kundali Bhagya Written Update 24Th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 24Th Saptember 2020The servant, who gave water to Preeta and asked her to rest and said that they would handle the preparations. Rishabh asks Sherlin what she was telling Karan.

She tries to get closer to him in order to avoid further questions that make her silent. Prithvi’s brother reaches his house and asks his mother about the Prithavi.

He does not let her say anything and keeps talking about his brother and how much he misses her.

He tells her that from now on he is going to be with them, only going nowhere, no matter what happens. Seeing his distressed face, he asks what happened and what he is hiding from her.

She tells him that Prithvi was about to get married to Preeta but they could not get married to avoid her pain as her brother was very much inebriated so she could not even come to get him.

Pawan goes to meet the Prithavi. Prithavi’s mother gets worried thinking that Pawan loves Prithavi very much and he can leave for his brother at any time.

Mahira calls Prithvi but Pawan agrees to call. Pawan asks why he called her. Without making Mahira realize that she is not talking to Prithvi, she tells him about her plan to kidnap Preeta because she is his love, his world everything.

She says Preeta cheated on her so she no longer wants him. Pawan introduces himself to Mahira and says that he will kidnap Preeta for Prithvi and asks her to send him the address.

Rakhi instructs Girish about the decoration. Preeta apologizes to Girish on behalf of Karan. Girish says that he is used to Karan’s anger, so it does not affect him.

Kritika tells Dadi that Akshay’s family is going to shift to Mumbai soon. Grandma is happy to listen to him.

Kareena says that it is good that they are not here yet, otherwise they would have known about Luthra’s powerlessness and Preeta’s domination. She tells Rakhi to warn Preeta not to do any drama today.

Rakhi assures her that she will explain everything to Preeta. She goes to Preeta and tells him that many people will come to attend the wedding reception and ‘muh dikhai’ so no one should doubt about their relationship, they should think that everyone is together and any Not happy due to the kind of pressure.

She says that Preeta should not do anything that could affect Luthra’s honor in front of the guests.

Preeta promises her that she will not do anything that will hurt her family. Rakhi thanks her and asks her to get ready for the ceremony.

She then informs Kareena that Preeta will not do any drama today. Preeta goes to Karan on her way to her room. He tells her not to do any drama today. She says that if she treats him well then she will also treat him well.

Preeta feels that Sarla asks her about the reception as she wanted him to get the recognition of Karan’s wife in front of the society and her dream is going to come true today.

Mahira feels that Preeta cannot even imagine that she planned to spoil her work and that she will become Karan’s wife in front of the people of the society.

Dadi tells Girish that it is a welcome to Luthra so there should be no complaint from the guests. Rakhi tells him that if he has any doubt, he should ask her.

Ramona was about to leave the house but Kareena stopped her. Rakhi says that Ramona is doing wrong by leaving home.

Ramona says that she is not doing anything wrong, but rather something is wrong with her and Mahira. She says how can she live when Karan is having a reception with Preeta.

Rakhi explains to her that she is still his friend so she should not go out of the house like this. Preeta is shocked to see Mahira wearing the same sari as her and asks what she is doing in her room.

Mahira fills her forehead with sindoor and says that very few people will witness Preeta’s wedding but many people will come to attend the reception including media and they will not take Karan’s wife Preeta as a witness.

Preeta was shocked after listening to him.

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