Majha Hoshil Na 10 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 10 March 2021, Sai and Aditya try repeatedly to talk to each other and share their happiness but Aditya’s uncle stops them in the middle.

During dinner, Aditya is pleasantly surprised to learn that Sai cooked the entire dinner in a traditional dinner. He tries to appreciate her efforts but his uncle disregards it and praises him for his achievement at work.

Busy in praising Aditya, Aditya’s uncle forgets to appreciate Sai’s efforts which bothers him. Also, Dada Mama advised Sai how to manage the house instead of praising him.

Majha Hoshil Na 11 March 2021

Later, Aditya tries to talk to Sai so that he can leave her, but his uncle keeps him from attacking his privacy. Finally, after everyone is asleep, Aditya talks to Sai and tries to molest her.

Seeing her injured hand, she lovingly dispenses medicine that melts Sai’s heart. Soon after, Aditya gives Sai a gift and the couple patches up.

As they lose themselves at the moment and get close to each other, the realization kills Sai that they are sleeping in the living room leaving him frustrated.

Meanwhile, Bandhu Mama secretly talks to Gulpreet on a call. Knowing that Sai and Aditya sleep in the living room, Gulpreet betrays the Bandhu uncle and gives him an advice.

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