Majha Hoshil Na 11 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 11 March 2021, Upon realizing his mistake after talking to Gulpreet, the brother-in-law tells the others how he failed to appreciate Sai’s efforts, which would have hurt him.

The next day, each maternal uncle goes to buy a saree for Sai in an attempt to make her happy and thinks that she will be the only person to come up with the idea. Meanwhile, Aditya also buys a saree for her with Nayana’s help.

Later, Sai was delighted to see the sarees gifted by Aditya’s uncles. In addition, they apologize to Sai and praise him for his efforts.

Majha Hoshil Na 12 March 2021

As they arrive at a fizzy banquet on which the saree Sai would like the most, Aditya brings another sari in his hand. When Sai cleverly tackles the issue and attempts to please all the uncles, Aditya is disappointed to see that his gift is not unique and is ready to leave him.

However, Sai catches her at the door and makes her happy. Soon after, she tells him to come home early and reveals that he has planned a surprise for her as they do not get enough privacy at night.

Bandhu Mama, hearing this conversation, tells Dada Mama about it.

On his way to office, Aditya receives a call from Malhotra, who tells him to go to Badlapur factory and informs him of the uproar caused by God.

While Malhotra asks Aditya to solve the issue, Aditya worries about how he will reach home on time, to Sai’s surprise.

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