Majha Hoshil Na 12 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 12 March 2021, Sai wears a new sari and reminds Aditya’s words. Bhai and Bandhu Mama think about their plan and Bhai Mama mentions that he can find out Sai’s thinking.

The brother and brother-in-law are surprised to see Sai in the new sari and ask which sari she is wearing. She mentions that Aditya gave her the sari she wore.
They invite him to sit down and ask if he has any plans with Aditya. Sai is surprised and mentions not making any plans to wish to spend time with Aditya.
Meanwhile, in the factory, workers continued their protest. Aditya asks Joshi to intervene and talk to him. Joshi refuses and says that he should leave in the next 10 minutes.
God keeps raising his voice but Aditya tries to talk to him. Bhagavan feels furious and hugs Aditya but the two activists intervene and stop him.
Back home, Sai decorates his house and Aditya’s uncle inspects it. The brother and brother-in-law uncles try to find out what Sai is cooking.
Later, they all find out what Sai’s surprise plan is. That night, Aditya sits in the factory with the workers and tells Joshi that he will not move even an inch until all the issues are resolved.

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