Majha Hoshil Na 15 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 15 March 2021, Aditya arrives at the home looking for Sai at the dining table. Soon after, a furious Sai follows Aditya with a broom to chase him. Episode link is below

However, Aditya manages to calm him down. He is surprised when Sai tells him that his uncle has gone out to give them privacy.

Meanwhile, the brothers secretly talk to Mama Guppreet on a call. However, Bhai Mama overheard him saying ‘I love you’ on the phone and questioned him about it.

While the fickle banquet resides among the Brahma brothers, Sindhu sees them from a distance and approaches them.

Assuming that Sai has driven them all out of the house, Sindhu taunts her and makes fun of her. In addition, she threatens them that she is going to come to his house soon to be with them.

When a furious Dada Mama retaliates, the others intervene and try to topple him. When addressed as a thief by Pinta Mama, Sindhu made a mistake referring to the incident when Sai and Aditya had helped her and revealed how they had saved her from the police.

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On learning that Aditya’s uncle is unaware of the incident, he takes advantage of the situation and tries to provoke them against Sai and Aditya.

Back at home, Sai shows Aditya the curtain put on by his uncles and tells him how they surprised him. Soon, she reveals her surprise and at the same time leaves Aditya in awe.

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